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New LoL Champion Hwei: Teaser Found On PBE

News 07-11-2023 18:00

Hwei is the newest LoL champion and it seems like Riot is going to be bringing him to Summoner's Rift very soon. A teaser has already been found on the PBE server. 

Hwei teaser image
LoL: Hwei is going to come to live servers very soon. | © Riot Games

Hwei is the next champion to be released in League of Legends. While it hasn't been too long since Briar was added to the game, we are expected to get our hands on Hwei sometime in late 2023, so this would mean most likely with LoL Patch 13.24. 

Now, Riot has added a small teaser to the PBE, basically announcing the entrance of this great magical artist, which only confirms most theories. So, what exactly did Hwei do to reveal himself on Summoner's Rift? 

LoL: Hwei Teaser Found on Public Beta Environment

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On the PBE, in the top lane between the tier 1 and tier 2 red side towers is a large mural which has been painted on by none other than Hwei himself. This is similar to the teaser we got for Milio, where the fire in the bot lane alcoves were turned into his fuemigos. 

The mural has a large signature on it, most likely an H, with a similar bright and eye-catching style that the other images from Hwei have. So it seems like he's left his mark on the rift, announcing that he will soon be there as well. 

There have also been rumors going about that Hwei is going to be getting a Winterblessed skin, which should be released either in LoL Patch 13.23 or 13.24. It is more likely to be 13.24 though, since Riot won't overlap the Worlds event with the Winterblessed event. 

So, it seems like we are just a month out from getting to see Hwei and play him, if this small teaser is anything to go by. What kind of a mid laner do you think Hwei will be and is he going to be a pro-play pick like K'Sante or forgotten and left by the wayside like Vex? 

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