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PBE Patch 12.11 | TFT Set 7, Bel'Veth & More

Patch Notes
What else is new in LoL Patch 12.11? | © Riot Games

Even though League of Legends Patch 12.10 has just released with the huge durability update, we've taken a look at the PBE server already to gauge just what is ahead in our near future in LoL Patch 12.11. Now one thing is for sure, Patch 12.11 is going to be huge. 

Not only will we have to continue to deal with the durability changes from Patch 12.10, but we're also going to introduce champion number 160 to the League of Legends family. Wait, that isn't all though! TFT is also going to release a whole new set which is already being tested on the PBE. Let's go over all the details right now. 


Introducing TFT Set 7 - Dragonlands

So first of all, let's take a look at the new set in TFT. Dragonlands is going to be taking over your Teamfight Tactics games. This set is being tested on the PBE and not only has Riot brought back Shyvana and other shape-shifters, but the TFT team has even created their own dragons for this set. Pretty cool, eh? 

If you're curious about the TFT Dragonlands set, then check out our interview with Stephen "Mort" Mortimer, Game Design Director for TFT. Shameless self promotions? Maybe, but having the chance to dig a little deeper into the thoughts behind Dragonlands was pretty awesome.


Bel'Veth Release in Patch 12.11

Just check out her abilities and you'll know what we mean: 

AbilityWhat Does Her Ability Do?
Passive - Death in LavenderAfter using an ability, Bel'Veth’s next 2 attacks have increased attack speed. Additionally, whenever Bel'veth takes down a large monster or champion she gains permanent bonus Attack speed in the form of Lavender stacks. Bel'Veth attacks faster than normal and does not have an attack speed cap, however, her attacks and on-hit effects deal reduced damage and she does not gain attack speed on level up.
Q - Void SurgeBel'Veth dashes in one of four directions, dealing damage to all enemies she passes through and applying on-hit effects. Each direction has its own unique cooldown that scales with attack speed.
W - Above and BelowBel’Veth slams her tail down, dealing damage, knocking up, and slowing enemies hit. Upon hitting an enemy champion, this ability reduces Q - Void Surge’s dash cooldown in the direction of the champion hit.
E - Royal MaelstromBel’Veth channels a storm of slashes around her, gaining damage reduction and increased life steal. Each slash strikes the lowest health enemy within her Maelstrom, dealing more damage the more health they are missing. The amount of slashes scales with her attack speed.
R - Endless BanquetPassive: Every second attack against the same target deals additional True Damage, stacking infinitely. Takedowns against Epic Monsters and Champions leave behind a piece of Void Coral. Epic Monsters from the Void like Rift Herald and Baron Nashor drop special, voidier Void Coral.

: Bel’veth consumes a piece of Void Coral and explodes, slowing and dealing True Damage to nearby enemies based on their missing health. Upon consuming Void Coral, Bel’Veth temporarily changes into her True Form. Consuming Void Coral left by Epic Monsters from the Void (Rift Herald and Baron Nashor) grants Bel'Veth her true form for an extended duration and causes minions that die in her presence to be reborn as faithful Voidlings. Voidlings are small minions that will serve Bel’Veth by marching down the lane in which they were spawned.

Form: When Bel’Veth unleashes her True Form, she gains increased max health, out-of-combat move speed, attack range, and total attack speed. While in her True Form, she also gains the ability to dash through walls with Q - Void Surge.

She seems like a simple champion, but her ultimate could be the make or break point. Though, she might have increasing attack speed, she does have lower damage, which could decide whether she is a giga broken or complete dog shit. 


Bel'Veth Stats Revealed

Since Bel'Veth is already on the PBE server, players are able to check out her stats as well. Let's quickly go over all the stats we know Bel'Veth will have at base level from the PBE server: 

  • MR: 32
  • MR Per Level: 2.05
  • AD: 60
  • AD Per Level: 2
  • Armor: 32
  • Armor Per Level: 4.7
  • Base HP: 610
  • HP Per Level: 105
  • HP Regen Per Level: 0.17
  • HP5: 8.5
  • Movespeed: 340
  • Attack Range: 125
Bel'Veth Battle Boss
This is such a sick skin. | © Riot Games

Bel'Veth Release Skin

Bel'Veth has had her release skin also revealed and much like leakers have anticipated, she will be getting a Battle Boss skin. Since the Battle Boss universe has both Malzahar and Kai'Sa in it as well, this makes a lot of sense... and doesn't she just give you final Elden Ring boss vibes? Hell, even without the skin, she could be an RPG boss. 

Battle Boss Bel'Veth Lore

The Battle Boss Bel'Veth skin also has some pretty fun lore. She is the final off of the hit 1998 RPG "Initial Reverie VIII". Not only is she a difficult boss, but she's become a key figure in the story of the game. 

True final boss of the hit 1998 RPG "Initial Reverie VIII," Bel'Veth has become a staple of the series thanks to fan popularity and her storyline about assimilating all of reality into herself. Recruited into the war in Arcadia by Veigar, she has decided to ignore his commands, annihilate everything in her path, and assimilate all of Arcade World into herself. Who could have seen it coming?

Ocean Song Skins in Patch 12.11

Of course, we won't just get a single skin in the next patch, either. It's summer, so it's time to head down to the beach to enjoy the Ocean Song skins. These aren't Pool Party skins, but have the same feel to them. 

  • Ocean Song Yone
  • Ocean Song Nidalee
  • Ocean Song Seraphine
  • Ocean Song Seraphine Prestige Edition
  • Ocean Song Zeri
  • Ocean Song Ashe

Those are the things currently on the PBE server. Riot will likely continue to monitor the durability update in League of Legends Patch 12.10. So excpect some more changes to hit the PBE in the coming days.