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The spider lady is in dire need!

Elise Visual Update | A Disaster

Skins 07-03-2022 16:10
Bewitching Elise
Some of her skins will also be updated! | © Riot Games

Vel’Koz just received a visual update and we have been wondering whether Orianna might also be getting an upgrade. But before that, Riot has announced aht there will be a visual update for one of our favorite junglers — Elise!

We’re going to take a deep dive into what will be updated for the spider lady and when the visual changes will hit the rift. Let’s check it out!

[UPDATE March 7, 2022] 

Riot to Fix Cocoon Colors

After the Elise visual update was revealed the Elise mains were pretty upset. Their champion received some new visuals that just didn't fit her theme and many of the skins also looked worse than before according to the Elise community. 

Riot Reav3 did state on Reddit that the Coccon colors would be looked at in more detail once more. The cocoon had been white before, but after the visual update it was changed to bright green — since she is a Shadow Isles champion — but the green did not suit her nor her character. 

Therefore, the colors will be adjusted once more. Riot Reav3 stated that they're looking to change the color to blue instead, since white will likely cause clarity issues. 

[UPDATE March 4, 2022]

Elise Visual Update Does Not Receive Good Reviews

In a Reddit thread, which we've added into this article for your reading pleasures, we learn that the Elise community is not happy about many of the changes Riot has implemented with the visual changes. 

For one, the green hue of the cocoon looks awful and does not fit the champion theme. She might be a champion from the Shadow Isles, but unlike other champions she is not ruined, but rather was just transformed into a creature by Vilemaw. 

Also, some of the grotesqueness of her kit has been taken out with the splatter of her exploding spiders being removed. Could this be some form of censorship to the game? Not only that, but her Rappel also looks awful on the Death Blossom skins according to the community. 

Sure, there were a few changes that were universally liked, like the little spiders whenever Elise transforms, but quite a few changes Riot made were deemed unnecessary or just ugly. 

Why Did the Visual Update Fail? 

One of the biggest reasons why the update could have failed is probably due to the fact that on the official PBE Reddit, there was never a feedback thread in which the players could voice their opinions. 

Some made an unofficial thread, but it seems like no one from Riot listened to the comments and just went on with their update without consulting those that matter most – the Elise mains. 

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Why is Elise Getting a Visual Update

Elise is a pretty old champion, having been released almost ten years ago. She’s getting there in her old age and therefore needs some love in the visual design department. She looks outdated, and new skins just don’t get her old model. So, it’s time she has a facelift.

Which Abilities Will Riot Focus on Visually Updating?

Her entire kit is going to be getting a visual overhaul. Her Cocoon, Rappel, Neurotoxin and Volatile Spiderling will be looking fresh thanks to the visual enhancements the spider lady is getting in 2022.

Her E - Cocoon will have a much more precise hitbox — similar to the changes that Vel’Koz got during his update.

The auto-attacks of her base skin will also be receiving some changes. They’re going to be much more colorful and easier to spot. Thankfully, these changes will make her easier to play since we’ll be able to see her attacks.

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Will Elise’s Skins Also Get Updated?

Not only will her abilities and her base model get visual improvements, but a few of her skins will also receive some love.

These are the skins that will be impacted by the VFX changes:

  • Super Galaxy Elise (minor tweaks)
  • SKT T1 Elise
  • Blood Moon ELise
  • Victorious Elise
  • Death Blossom ELise
  • Base Skin

When Will the Elise Receive a Visual Update?

The visual update should be going live in the upcoming Patch. So, expect Elise to feel much cleaner once League of Legends Patch 12.5 drops on March 2, 2022. In that patch we will also be getting some updates to Master Yi and sadly it isn’t an update to delete him.

Well, we can still pray for Yuumi and Seraphine to get erased from League of Legends instead, right?

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