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Vel'Koz Visual Update Details

News 26-01-2022 18:00
Arclight Velkoz
Was this needed? No. But it's definitely appreciated. | © Riot Games

Who is purple and nice and smells like old spice? Well none other than the biggest, baddest eyeball in town – Vel’Koz. This champion is one of the few that hail from the most forgotten region in Runeterra, the Void, but now we might be getting more updates from the region thanks to the upcoming jungler.

The kick-off for this Void rebrand? Well, of course, we need to have some visual updates. Cho’Gath is in need of a bigger one, but Vel’Koz is also deserving and he is getting an eye-lift quite soon!

What Visuals Will Riot Update on Vel’Koz?

The eyeball himself won’t be affected by the update, but his abilities are going to be reworked to fit into the 2022 style of League of Legends. What does this mean though? Well, visually it will just look better.

Not only that, but Riot will be working on upgrading his hitbox as well so that some of his more questionable hits won’t happen. To conclude: Vel’Koz abilities are being reworked, while his tentacle/eyeball frame stays the same.

Which Abilities Are Being Visually Updated?

All his abilities are getting an upgrade, but some of the more prominent changes come to his E and Q projectiles, as well as the focus of his ultimate, the tip of his laser beam. Now if you’re wondering if his E even has a projectile, well then you should know just why Vel’Koz is getting this visual update.

It’s tiny and minuscule, but the projectile is there. We’ve taken out our magnifying glass and found it! Just watch the video below:

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Which Skins Will Be Updated?

Since this isn’t a body overhaul, but a visual update to his abilities his skins won’t be impacted too much by any visual changes. But that doesn’t mean they get off scot-free. No, you’ll see some visual upgrades for the following skins:

  • Battlecast Vel'Koz
  • Arclight Vel'Koz
  • Definitely Not Vel'Koz
  • Infernal Vel'Koz
  • Blackfrost Vel'Koz

When Will the Vel’Koz VFX Update be Released?

According to Sirhaian on Reddit, this change is currently being testred on the PBE 12.03 server. So we expect this to go live with LoL Patch 12.03. So, in the next patch, you won’t just get a whole lot of changes to fighters and an Ahri visual update, you’ll also get an improved Vel’Koz as well.

So now the question is, when will we finally get the new jungler and what will the Void do to Runeterra? We’ve got a few hints in Legends of Runeterra, but we want to know what will happen on Summoner’s Rift already!

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