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LoL: TheShy To Step Away From Pro Play For Summer 2024

Esports 26-04-2024 16:15

Top laner Kang "TheShy" Seung-lok has been on break throughout the Spring Split, and he just revealed that break could be even longer. 

WBG The Shy semi finals worlds 2023
LoL: TheShy to stay on break. | © Riot Games

The LPL just revealed that they will be switching up their Summer format to an exciting new one, but it seems one professional player will not be participating in this inaugural LPL split. 

At the end of 2023, Weibo Gaming's TheShy revealed that he would take some time away from the esports scene. Most thought he would come back for the 2024 Summer Split, but he's just revealed that his break is going to be a bit longer than most anticipated. 

LoL: TheShy To Stay On Break

The Shy lpl 2023
Caedrel is in shambles. | © Riot Games

Weibo Gaming had an insanely great year in 2023, with the team even making it to the finals at the 2023 World Championship. One of their key players, and probably most well-known, was none other than top laner TheShy. 

He announced a break from professional play after Worlds, with most thinking he would be back for the Summer Split. Now, he's revealed that he will be taking a longer break. 

This Summer Split I've decided to rest. I want to rest well and come back next year in better form. This way I can also perform better. So I'll rest and prepare well for the competition next year.

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He is determined to come back in 2025 with new energy, even stating in an interview, that age doesn't seem to matter as much anymore, with multiple older players still playing peak League of Legends professionally these days. 

It'll be interesting to see which team he will join in 2025 and whether TheShy can see the same amount of success as he has seen with Weibo Gaming and Invictus Gaming. 

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