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LoL Players Want Meaningful Punishments For Game Ruining Behavior

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League of Legends isn't always fun, and some people make it their life mission to turn every game into pure hell. Now, players want this type of behavior to be tackled by Riot. 

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LoL Players want Riot to do something about griefers. | © Riot Games

Riot Games is introducing Vanguard to League of Legends. This is going to help fight against those using cheating software in the game, but players believe that this won't completely solve the problem the game has with toxicity. 

Sure, chat bans are given out left right and center these days, but players think that Riot needs to be harsher on people exhibiting game ruining behavior outside of the chat as well. 

LoL Players Want Riot To Combat In-Game Behavior

A post on Reddit has recently gone viral, in which a player explains that they believe griefing and trolling in games is one of the main reasons why League of Legends is so toxic. They explained that while it's good to see changes being implemented in regard to cheaters and those abusing chat, griefers don't get the punishment they deserve. 

I do think we soon need to address the main issue destroying most games. Griefing. An insane amount of games have obvious trollers and griefers, that know that pseudo-afk and no typing won’t get them banned.

While players are unhappy with griefers in games, it is known to be one of the hardest issues to fix. If Riot does man players exhibiting bad behavior, then they will likely just go an buy a new account for a few bucks, due to the huge number of botted accounts available. 

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Will there be fewer botted accounts? | © Riot Games

By introducing Vanguard, as well as adding in new beginner vs. AI bots to the game, Riot is trying to combat the rampant issue with leveling bots who then go on to be accounts on a selling website. 

Hopefully there is a solution to griefers in League of Legends, but for now it doesn't look like other than banning accounts or suspending them, Riot is able to do much more. 

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