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Who is getting the next Mythic Chroma?

What is the Next Mythic Chroma?

Skins 13-07-2022 10:44
Final Boss Veigar Splash
Final Boss Veigar was the first mythic chroma, who is after? | © Riot Games

Riot has introduced new mythic shop content with the exclusive mythic chromas, but are they really worth the price, or should you be saving that precious Mythic Essence for a future prestige skin? Well, the next mythic chroma might just change your mind. 

What even are mythic chroma's and when did Riot add these to the mythic shop rotation. Let's go over everything we know about the mythic shop and this new unique content which could make you look like the sweatiest player out on the rift. 


What is a Mythic Chroma? 

Mythic chroma are especially made chromas for either legendary skins or seasonal mythics which players can purchase in the League of Legends mythic shop every two patches. Mythic chromas are on a rotation basis just like the prestige skins, as well as seasonal mythics. 

Mythic chromas will add new colours to pre-existing legendary skins, as well as add new VFX colours, which is basically what makes these special and different from other chromas, like the ones you can pick up thanks to the Essence Emporium. 

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How Much do Mythic Chromas Cost? 

Final Boss Veigar was the first Mythic Chroma to be released by Riot in League of Legends Patch 12.12 and this mythic chroma went for a whopping 40 Mythic Essence in the shop.

Many fans thought this was too expensive for a single chroma and felt that 30 or even 25 mythic essence is enough since Riot isn't changing all too much when it comes to the chroma. Yes, new VFX colours and the champion chroma as well, but compare that to a 100 Mythic Essence Ashen Knight skin and then you see where it lacks. 


When Do New Mythic Chromas Get Added? 

The mythic chromas are on a rotation basis and will be added every two patches. This means every month new mythic chromas should be in the mythic shop. This time around the mythic chroma for Final Boss Veigar will be in the shop a bit longer since LoL Patch 12.12 is a 3-week patch. 

What is the Next Mythic Chroma? 

The next Mythic Chroma is going to be a Star Guardian skin. With the Star Guardian event in full swing Riot is going to be adding a new mythic chroma fit for the occasion. None other than Star Guardian Jinx will be receiving a new chroma for her skin in the upcoming League of Legends patch. 

Of course, we would have loved to have both Xayah and Rakan get redeemed chromas, but maybe Riot will add those in the future... we can dream right? Wild Rift got the skins, so why can't we? 

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