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10 Things Wild Rift Does Better than LoL

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| © Riot Games

Wild Rift, the League of Legends mobile game you can play almost everywhere. No matter if you are traveling somewhere or are just bored, the game offers a perfect way to make the time pass a bit faster. But is it better than League of Legends?  

Almost two years ago, Riot Games released their mobile version of League of Legends, called Wild Rift. Since then, new updates have come out and the game keeps improving. Through its changes some aspects of the game has divereged from the computer version and we are seeing Wild Rift exclusive things like skins, visual effects and game modes. 

Even though the game has only existed for two years, some aspects are now even better than the computer version. We found ten things that are better in Wild Rift compared to League of Legends. 

1. WIld Rift Home Screen 

Wild Rift Home
Wild Rift home screen | © Riot Games

If you have ever played Wild Rift, you might have noticed how different the Wild Rift home screen is to League of Legends. The layout is frankly so much cleaner in the mobile version of the game compared to LoL. The UI is very intuitive, and it doesn't take long to find what you are looking for. League of Legends could easily improve here.

2. Wild Rift Skins

Stargazer Soraka Wild Rift Exclusive
Stargazer Soraka is one of many Wild Rift exclusive skins. | © Riot Games

Not long ago, we were introduced to Wild Rift exclusive skins. Not only are they making new skins from already available skin lines in League of Legends, like Crystal Rose or Star Guardian, but the mobile game has also introduced some skin lines that are just available for the mobile game. These skins always looks so good, and we would love to have them available for the computer as well. 

Not only are the Wild Rift exclusive skins way better looking than the League of Legends skin, but also the splash arts are often made on another level.

We do know that there are examples of skins only available for League of Legends and not Wild Rift, we just wish we could have access to the pretty Wild Rift skins in League of Legends as well...

3. Wild Rift Champion Select 

Wild Rift Champion Select
Look how much better this looks! (This is an example from ARAM, don't be frightened by the team comp.) | © Riot Games

After selecting your champions in Wild Rift, you will get a full-on 3D view of all the champions in the team. Not only can you see them from the front, but you can turn them around as well. It would be great to have something similar like this in League of Legends in the future. 

4. Wild Rift Duel

Wild Rift Duel
It would be great to have something similar in LoL | © Riot Games

On September 16, 2022, Wild Rift introduced a new game mode called Duel. The game mode has a 1v1 format and it is played on the Wild Rift equivalent to Howling Abyss. Basically, the goal of the game is to be the first to kill the enemy champion twice. The game mode offers certain rules, like a shrinking circle appearing later in the game, to make it more exciting. Duel is the perfect option for players looking to improve their 1v1 during laning face or have some fun playing a game without having to invest so much time.

Even though this is currently a limited game mode in Wild Rift, we could imagine that they bring it back at a later point in time. It would be great to see Riot Games do something similar for the computer version of the game, as it is something fans have requested for a long time. The fact that they show it is possible in Wild Rift, makes us want it even more in LoL as well. 

5. Wild Rift Champions' VFX

Wild Rift Malphite
Look at this shining star... | © Riot Games

If you look at the picture above, I think you know what I mean. They made our little rock look cool in Wild Rift! This isn't the only example from Wild Rift with upgraded VFX for champions, but it is the most prominent one.

The fact that they are able to do it in the mobile game begs the question of why it isn't done in League of Legends already. The rocky champion is one of the oldest ones we have in the game and is long due for a visual update. Luckily, there has been some talk about him being one of the next candidates in League of Legends that will receive a visual rework. But until then, we will complain about the difference in looks.

6. Wild Rift Tutorials

Wild Rift Tutorials
Complete the Wild Rift beginner guide, and earn rewards. | © Riot Games

Many League of Legends fans have been complaining about of steep the learning curve is for the computer game. Not only are the normal games filled with smurfs, flaming actual beginners, but it also offers very few guides on how to play the game. Wild Rift, on the other hand, has a very thought-through guide, teaching new players about things like farming in the jungle, changing auto-attack focus, and attacking turrets. 

League of Legends can improve quite a lot on this point and it should not even be that hard to implement. Let's make League of Legends more inclusive for beginners, shall we? 

7. Wild Rift Champions

Wild Rift Karma
Karma's Ultimate in Wild Rift. | © Riot Games

Some champions in Wild Rift have completely different abilities in League of Legends. The best example we can offer here is Karma. In Wild Rift, Karma's ultimate from League of Legends has become her passive. Basically, her passive works such that after using 3 abilities, Karma's next ability will be enhanced. This enchantment works similarly to the Karma ultimate from LoL. 

Her ultimate, on the other hand. is a new spell entirely. This is how her R works in Wild Rift: 

Karma forms a ring of spirit energy at a target location. After a brief delay, it detonates, dealing magic damage to all enemies inside and slowing them for a few seconds. If enemies are hit at the edge of the ring, they will be pulled in toward the center. Karma immediately enters the Mantra state.

Her whole set of abilities seems to be so much better in Wild Rift compared to League of Legends, and we hope the rumors are right and we will finally receive something similar in LoL.

8. Wild Rift Ranked Trade Pick Order

Wild Rift Trade Pick
How to trade position in the Ranked Pick-Ban phase | © Riot Games

When playing ranked in Wild Rift, you can actually trade positions with someone else in the team when it comes to the pick queue. This is such a great feature as you are not dependent on your teammate owning your champion in order for them to pick for you anymore. 

This feature is yet another example of something that seems to be so easy to put into League of Legends, but just haven't been done yet. So, what are you waiting for, Riot?

9. Wild Rift Legendary Queue

Wild Rift Legendary Queue
Legendary Queue offers a whole new ranked system | © Riot Games

Wild Rift offers a whole new Ranked Queue for players that reach Diamond in the current season. Legendary Queue differs from the Standard Ranked Queue in different aspects. Firstly, Legendary Queue is Solo-Queue Only. This avoids players boosting their rank by playing with someone above their own skill level. This way, your rank in Legendary Queue will always reflect your actual rank. 

Additionally, Legendary Queue has its complete separate MMR system from Standard Ranked, meaning you will not rank down in LQ if you lose a bunch of games in your standard ranked. Besides avoiding boosted players in your high-elo games, the LQ also requires you to reach a certain mastery score on a champion before bringing them into your ranked games. This means that you will no longer have players first-timing when you are trying to climb.

It would be nice to have something similar in League of Legends, as its features are perfect for players actually wanting to try-hard in order to compete with and against the best of the best.

10. Less On-Click Abilities in Wild Rift

Wild Rift Abilities
In Wild Rift, Lulu's W is placed on the ground, instead of clicking on a champ. | © Riot Games

Don't we all just LOVE being killed by Veigar's on-click ultimate or by Lulu simply clicking you with her W and thereby polymorphing you for up to 2.25 seconds? Even though we still find on-click abilities in Wild Rift, like Veigar's R, many abilities have been reworked to rather be a skill shot. In Wild Rift, Lulu's Whimsy is now to be placed on the ground and requires you to somewhat predict where the enemy champion is going. 

Now, it might still be pretty easy to hit, but it is harder to land than an on-click ability, and we love to see less of the sort in Wild Rift. League of Legends, take some notes.

Even though there are some aspects Wild Rift does better than League of Legends, we still have a love for playing the game on the computer, and it isn't all just bad, right...? 

Join us on Discord and tell us what you think Wild Rift does better than LoL!

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