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Riot Pleased with Durability Changes

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The League of Legends team shipped one of the biggest updates two patches ago, the durability update. Champions were buffed and grievous wounds, as well as healing were nerfed, but how well did this change land and is Riot happy with it? 

In a recent Quick Gameplay Thoughts, Riot PhRoXzOn explained the thoughts behind the durability update, as well as how the balance team approached such a huge on taking and how it has landed. But most importantly, how do you guys enjoy the game now that everyone is a bit tankier? 


Why Durability?

The first thing Riot PhRoXzOn explained is why the team decided to buff durability instead of just nerfing damage. After looking at the systems which were most affected by damage creep, they realized that damage was a problem, but that it was balanced relative to one another. 

Therefore, to keep everything balanced together, they decided to buff durability since that would let them focus on fixing the power creep problems without having too big of an effect on balance altogether. 

How Has the Durability Landed in Riot's Eyes?

PhRoXzOn explained that it was intended to have some completely nuts champions in the beginning. The balance team took all the data they got from the first 24 hours of the durability update to quickly add in a hotfix patch in which they buffed and nerfed 11 champions. 

Since then, they've kept an eye on the state of League and in Patch 12.11 even more changes were made to the durability update to keep everything balanced. But the grind hasn't stopped since, and Riot continues to adjust the update, as well as keep an eye on healing and grievous wounds changes in the future. 

Riot Happy With Durability Update

While we’re still in the process of balancing the Durability Update, we think it has landed relatively well. Players from all regions are enjoying more opportunities for skill expression and we're hearing feedback that combat is better paced and more understandable...

Giving players a chance to better understand what killed them, as well as more skill expression thanks to longer fights, were some of the main goals of the durability update. It seems like games also go a bit longer now as well. 

Snowballing games seems to have also decreased, though this was not the intention of the durability update, it is a welcomed addition. Though, PhRoXzOn did explain that the balance team do want teams to be able to play out their early leads, while also maintaining a chance for teams to make a comeback. 

Overall, the durability update was a success in the eyes of the Riot Gameplay team, as they continue to monitor the game and everything happening in it.