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Faker Says NA Solo Queue Is More Difficult Than Worlds

More 04-11-2022 15:00
Faker vs JDG Worlds semi final 2022
Faker is a GOAT! | © Riot Games

T1 is going to the League of Legends World Championship finals on November 5, 2022. They will face off against their Korean counterparts, DRX in what is sure to be an exciting final with too many story lines to think of. 

But with the event being held in North America, it seems that NA representation is missing... and has been missing since the end of the group stage. While the NA teams might have failed, NA solo queue is another story with T1 players making their name heard. 


T1 Jungler Reaches The Number One Rank in NA

While North America has been out of contention for the Summoner's Cup practically since the first week of the tournament, it seems that at least solo queue players can still enjoy their games against some of the best in the world. 

On November 3, 2022 T1's jungler Oner managed to make it to the top of the NA solo queue leaderboard with 1.730 LP. He managed this feat in 188 games with a whopping 70% win rate. So, while NA might not be represented in the finals, at least the number 1 NA solo queue player will be on stage, right? 

Some T1 players have also been enjoying this game mode during their stay in NA: 

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NA Solo Queue More Difficult Than Worlds - So Faker Says

In a press conference ahead of the League of Legends World Championship finals, Faker was asked about his comment on NA being one of the strongest regions in the world. This is what he had to say, translation courtesy of Ashley Kang from Korizon Esports

I've been playing NA solo queue. They have been much more difficult than worlds. So I believe NA had a good chance next year. 

So, whether Faker is serious or he is just trolling is hard to tell. Last year, when MSI and the League of Legends World Championship took palce in Iceland, DAMWON KIA's ShowMaker also had a similar sentiment towards EU solo queue. 

Many fans have joked that yes, NA solo queue is more difficult, but not because of the skill, but rather the fact that there is no structure and most players don't even know what they're doing. Faker is likely just trolling but we're here for it. 

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