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League of Legends: G2 Esports Reveal 2023 LEC Roster

Esports 23-12-2022 12:05
Hans mikyx
The new power duo in the LEC | © Riot Games

The 2023 LEC Winter Split will kick off at the end of January. Until then we will have to sit back and wait for the final roster news to trickle in so we can get a better picture of which teams could dominate – on paper – and who looks to be on the weaker side. 

G2 Esports has gone through a major overhaul this year and are looking to take back the crown from KOI (formerly known as Rogue) for the 2023 season. Is the roster they announced on December 22, 2023 going to be able to do just that? 

G2 Esports Announce LoL Team Roster

G2 Esports will look quite different going into the 2023 season. They already had some major changes for 2022 with Mikyx leaving as well as Wunder going to Fnatic, but this year fans will see the return of old favourites, as well as brand-new faces to the LEC. 

This is the announced roster for the 2023 LEC season for G2 Esports: 

  • Top Lane: Sergen "BrokenBlade" Çelik
  • Jungle: Martin "Yike" Sundelin
  • Mid Lane: Rasmus "Caps" Borregaard Winther
  • Bot Lane: Steven "Hans Sama" Liv
  • Support: Mihael "Mikyx" Mehle

The mid and top lane will stay the same, while the rest of the team is going to change drastically. Caps is the legacy player on G2 Esports with his contract lasting until 2025. 

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G2 Esports is known to build around Caps and have him be the center and carry of the team. This new roster will be complimenting him. By bringing in veteran support Mikyx, who has a history on G2 Esports, having been a part of the squad throughout 208 to 2021. 

Hans Sama is another veteran joining the team. He spent the last year in North America on Team Liquid, but after failing to make the 2022 League of Legends World Championship he decided to leave and come back to Europe, finding a spot on one of the best LEC teams. 

The new jungler, replacing Jankos, will be Yike, who spent his time in the LFL the previous year. He will be the biggest question mark going into the season, but many youn g players have managed to impress the fans with their skill after being called up from an ERL to the LEC. 

This is the complete G2 Esports roster for 2023, will this be the team to earn them a trip to both MSI and Worlds? 

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Janko's is a really good jungle but to be able to dominate a really strong team like koreans and chinese teams they need to catch up on the meta perfectly and not rely on each others advantage of play they need to cooperate as a strong team individually and personally make sure the schedule of this westerns teams are not lazy like LCS