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How much League have you played this season?

How Many Hours Of LoL Have You Played?

Rek'Sai Elderwood
Time to see how long we've been tuned into LoL. | © Riot Games

Have you ever checked how many hours you've spent playing LoL? Sometimes we wonder why we even bother with this game, eh? The champions are annoying, the player base is toxic as hell and yet we log back into the game night in and night out, almost as though we get some form of sick pleasure from all the abuse.

Well now it's time to check just how addicted you are to the game. It's time to check how much time you've spent playing League of Legends already. Is this really wasted time or is it something you can be proud of? Well, let's check exactly how many hours you've spent playing League of Legends this season already. 

How Many Hours Have You Spent on LoL - This is How You Check

Unfortunately, there is no official Riot tool that can tell you just how many hours of your life you’ve put into LoL, but there are third party websites with which you can find out this vital information instead. Have you played a lot of Master Yi? A lot of Yasuo? This tool might not be able to tell you how many games on each champion you've got, but at least you'll know in general how much time you've spent playing League of Legends. 

Just head on over to the website wasted on LoL – very appropriately named, mind you – to find out just how much time you have spent playing League of Legends. Finding out the amount of time is quite simple. 

Just go onto the website and then follow  the steps below to check how many hours you've spent on League of Legends: 

  1. Enter Your Summoner’s Name
  2. Enter the Region you play on
  3. Wait for your results

Once you’ve followed those steps, you’ll be met with a stats' page showing you just how many hours, minutes and even days you’ve spent playing League of Legends. Not only that, but it also shows you how you match up with other people on your server.

But wait, that’s not all! The website will rub salt into the wound, by also telling you how many books you could have read, how many movies you could have watched or many kilometres you could have walked.

So, do you really want to know just how many hours you’ve spent playing this game instead of doing something productive?

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Which Players Have the Most Hours Played?

Wasted on LoL also gives players insights on those in their region – or any for that matter – that have played the most League of Legends. The person on the EUW server – as of writing this article – with the most hours played, has accumulated a whopping 9,015 hours of League of Legends time since the beginning of Season 11. That’s over 370 days worth of gaming!

So, what are you waiting for? Go grind some League of Legends to get on their level before the end of Season 12!