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Is A K/DA Comeback Confirmed?

More 09-07-2022 19:00
KDA Comeback 2022
Wait, what makes us say this? | © Riot Games

Something curious has popped up on Spotify, which has fans thinking that there might be a comeback by popular kpop/pop group K/DA. While other fans lament the idea of a K/DA comeback wanting another True Damage song though. 

But can we even believe this information or are they just baseless rumors that have zero substance to them. Let's check out just why fans are curious about this 'K/DA comeback' and why some believe this is true. 


K/DA Comeback on Spotify

Spotify is the most popular app to listen to music and that's where the K/DA comeback rumors have surfaced from. Prominent League of Legends leaker, BigBadBear released a YouTube video in which he stated that artist Nifser has featured a song and credited K/DA as an artist on it. 

Okay, this is just an instrumental song, but could this be the upcoming music for a K/DA comeback? Sure, the music itself doesn't have the K/DA feel to it, but with every comeback a group could change a few things up, right? Well, there could be another reason behind this whole K/DA comeback thing and it might not be what fans of the girl group want to hear... 

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Spotify Artist Glitch

Sadly, this whole ordeal could just be because of a glitch on the Spotify platform. What exactly is the glitch though and how come K/DA has been affected by it? Well, if you upload music to Spotify, there is a way to add any other artist onto the track as well and tag them in it. Judging by this upload, this is likely what happened with the K/DA song as well, so we highly doubt that this is a legitimate K/DA comeback. 

So, you will have to make do with the current existing music that Riot has released thus far. Maybe some Pentakill to set the mood, or if you really miss K/DA, then you can always just listen to their older music. Riot has also just released some music for the 2022 Star Guardian event which will set the mood when playing League as well. Anything goes really. 

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