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Riot Games Apologizes for Season 13 Cinematic After Major Backlash

News 11-01-2023 12:30
Lol season 13
League of Legends explains their strange Season Cinematic | © Riot Games

Yesterday Riot Games Came out with their annual season cinematic to make everyone excited about the new season. The fans' reaction was not what Riot had hoped for, and they have now issued an apology explaining they missed the mark this year. 

Every year, League of Legends releases a cinematic, hyping their fans for the new season. Where Riot games usually release animations showing exciting scenes from the world of Runeterra, this year, we received a 2-minute video with a drone shot of the Ssummoner's Rift. So a downgrade, to say the least. 

Check out the cinematic here: LoL Fans Extremely Disappointed with LoL Season 13 Start & Cinematic

After the release, several fans, LoL content creators, and League casters were quick to show their dissatisfaction with their new approach to the annual season cinematic. 

Many players felt like this was just another sign of Riot not considering the wishes of the players but rather looking for opportunities to grow only in places where they felt like they could earn a lot of money. 

After the major backlash, Riot Games has now issued an apology trying to explain their situation regarding the creation of the 2023 Season Cinematic. 

In their apology, Riot Games explained they wanted to try a new approach for this season. Still, they acknowledged that their Season Cinematic Brink of Infintiy "missed the mark for the action-packed, champion led trailer" that we usually expect from them. 

They further acknowledged they should have been more communicative with their fans and wish to make a better job in the future.

LoL Content Creators Still Not Satisfied

Even though Riot Games have acknowledged its mistake, some fans and content creators are still unhappy with the situation. 

YouTuber Professor Akali responded to the tweet, saying he finds it questionable that Riot can pretend they care when they stopped making new game content a long time ago and haven't listened to many of the fans' wishes like the winter map or a functional client.

Also, LoL Lore Youtuber Necrit, finds it suspicious that they released the video during sleep hours if they genuinely believed there was nothing wrong with it. 

What do you think about the Season 13 Cinematic? 

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