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Thebausffs Banned For Intentional Feeding - Again

News 18-04-2023 18:11
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It has not even been a week since his last ban, and Thebausffs is suspended once again. Will it ever stop?

Having an inter in your game is never fun, but at the end of the day, a win is a win, right? TheBausffs is one of the most well-known streamers in League of Legends. He is mainly known as a one-trick Sion main but can also pull out a Rammus, Gragas, or Illaoi on a good day.

The Swedish top laner gained lots of attention through his peculiar strategy in the top lane, where he dies a lot, barely getting any kills, but still somehow manages to win the game by perma pushing. Because of his unique playstyle, it isn't rare for the Swede to get suspended for intentional feeding.

Even though he has gained lots of attention for his particular playstyle, he does get some backlash. Another famous streamer Tyler1 recently called Thebausffs out while in Europe, saying that his "cringe playstyle" is to blame for players not getting banned on EUW when hard-inting games. 

But, despite what Tyler1 thinks, players do get banned for inting, and TheBausffs is the perfect example. Only last week, he got a 14-day suspension on his main account after going 1/17 on Rammus. Now, the Swedish top laner is banned once again on his second account after an unfortunate AD Sion game. 

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The game before his ban was actually not the worst we have seen from him. At the end of the game, he had a KDA of 9/16/1. Not that bad, right? Well, the problem was that most of his kills came later in the game, and at one point, his opposing top laner had a KDA of 8/0/2 on Kennen just when Thebausffs destroyed the first top turret.

Even though he is now banned at yet another account, Thebausffs has already created his third account and started grinding once again. How many accounts do you think will be suspended before Thebausffs stops trying? 

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