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LoL Arena Reveals New Cameo's In Second Run

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Some new faces are joining the fight as cameos in the second run of LoL Arena. Who could it be? 

Lol arena 1
LoL Arena is back with some new cameos! | © Riot Games

LoL Arena is back this winter with a few old faces and some brand-new ones that have joined the arena for the winter version of Arena! While three fighters are returning as cameos we're also getting two new ones who will fit the aesthetic and theme of Winter. 

Riot have already revealed that Sett, Pyke and Gwen are making a comeback, but Thresh and Sylas will also be joining them. So let's check out what these two new fighters can do. 

LoL Arena: Cameos And Their Abilities

Thresh guide season 11
Thresh is getting a new skin for Winterblessed! | © Riot Games

As just mentioned, Sylas and Thresh are going to be added to the Arena game mode which has just been revealed to make a comeback in the client for the 2023 Winterblessed event

They've got some unique abilities which will make playing Arena all the more exciting and shake things up as every match winds down. 

ChampionCameo Ability
SylasSylas will start the round by giving each combatant a random ultimate, Ult Spellbook style, that will override your non-flash summoner (which you then get back after casting the spell)
ThreshThresh will walk around the battlefield and periodically throw his lantern, providing a shield and an escape.

The Thresh lantern sounds especially cool. It can shield you and give you a way to escape from a bad situation, just make sure you don't lantern yourself into the ring of fire...

Returning this time around are also Gwen, Sett and Pyke so let's quickly go over what they do once they're in the Arena. 

ChampionCameo Ability
GwenGwen will occasionally grant her W, Hallowed Mist, to the player with the lowest health.
PykePyke will occasionally cast his E, Phantom Undertow, at the furthest player on the map.
SettSett can be attacked by players. He will cast his W, Haymaker, at the enemies of whoever last-hitted him.

These are all the cameos we can look forward to for the 2023 Winterblessed version of LoL Arena. The game mode will go live with LoL Patch 13.23, but it's yet to be determined whether the Winterblessed skins will be released with the game mode. 

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