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LoL MMO: All Potential Playable Species

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What specied could we play in the upcoming LoL MMORPG? | © Riot Games

The LoL MMORPG is currently in the works and with us inching closer and closer to a release as time passes, we've decided to check out the different creatures living in Runeterra. Which one of them could become playable in the Massive Online RPG? 

There are over 160 champions and while most of them are human, we have quite a few other species inhabiting Runeterra as well. Which one of them will become playable though? Of course, nothing has been confirmed yet, but let's analyze what we know thanks to League of Legends and Legends of Runeterra. 


These Are Potential Playable Species in the Upcoming LoL MMO


Of course, we have to mention humans first since most League of Legends champions are human it would make sense to include them in the MMO as well, right? Humans can be found on every single continent and in every major city of Runeterra, making their inclusion in the game a shoo-in. 


Yordles are also very prominent in Runeterra and in the games. We have a lot of Yordle champions in League of Legends already and with the introduction of Legends of Runeterra we got even more Yordle cards as well. They're magical creatures that will likely be playable. Let's just ignore the fact that they're magical, timeless spirits from another realm, right? 


Minotaurs have already appeared in various places all over Runeterra. They're also around the same size as humans, making them easy to integrate into the world of Runeterra and make them playable without having to change too much of the canon lore around to make them fit. They've also got no issues with 'living forever' like other creatures... looking at you Yordles, making them pretty easy to integrate as playable creatures. 

Ottrani Vastaya
We want some vastaya! | © Riot Games


Vastaya are a chimeric race with some innate magical power. There are various Vastaya tribes and while some of the tribes have been completely wiped out, there are others where an inclusion in the upcoming LoL MMORPG does seem very plausible. 

Ottrani, Kiilash, Lhotlan and Shimon Vastaya

There are various types of Ottrani Vastaya which makes it easy to include them in the LoL MMORPG and make it believable. Vastaya from this tribe come in different shapes and sizes and in canon lore a lot of them have traveled throughout the world of Runeterra, which makes their inclusion in the game believable. 

Kiilash Vastaya are cat-like Vastaya similar to Rengar. They, like Lhotlan and Shimon who also have beastly features also come in various shapes and sizes, which would make character creation unique in the game. They're also able to walk the world of Runeterra with ease, making it easy to include them in the game as a playable species. 

Unlikely: Marai Vastaya, Oovi-kat and Vesani

Marai Vastaya are unique and cool, but with them coming from the sea it is hard to imagine them making their way around Runeterra. Oovi-kat and Vesani are both Vastaya tribes that are practically extinct, making their inclusion in the LoL MMORPG rather unlikely as well. Since it has been confirmed that the game will be canon it's important to look at the loose ends of the character creation process as well. 

Whatever the F*ck Shaco Is

Shaco is the character with the least amount of lore in League of Legends, so giving him some love and a shoutout in the LoL MMO could also be fun, right? But all jokes aside, we hope we can get some killer clowns in our games as well.... 

Of course, there are many more options for the upcoming MMORG in terms of playable species that we might not know about yet. There are many more Vastaya tribes we have not explored in the lore, yet that could become playable. We also don't know whether regions outside of Runeterra will be included like Nilah's place of birth Kathkan. 

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