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Faker is gone but not forgotten

LoL: Oner Reveals How Faker Has Been Helping Struggling T1

Esports 28-07-2023 11:25
Faker and Guma MSI 2023
LoL: Faker is still there for his team, even when injured. | © Riot Games

T1 have been struggling without their in-game leader Faker due to an injury. While the team has not been at its best on stage, the veteran mid laner continues to help out the team behind-the-scenes as well to keep spirits up. 

With Faker out for another while and no return in sight yet, it's been revealed that the veteran does what he can outside of the game to keep the young T1 squad in line, as revealed in a post-game press conference by jungler Moon "Oner" Hyeon-jun and coach Im "Tom" Jae-hyeon. 

LoL: Faker Return Still In Question

Faker's return to professional play is still up in the air. Head coach Tom, mentioned that the veteran mid laner has been playing solo queue, but he still feels numbness in his wrist. He is continuously getting rehabilitation for the injury. 

When I watch him play solo queue, I can see that his wrist still feels numb. Faker might buy items with his left arm or have to lower his right arm for a while. 

It seems that scrims had been going well for T1 in recent times, but they haven't been able to bring these results to the stage. The team had been hoping for a win against DRX on July 27, 2023, but they fell 2-1. 

Faker MSI Finals
When will the iconic thumbs up be seen again? | © Riot Games
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Oner also explained that the team has not been trying to pressure the mid laner to return hastily without a full recovery. He also mentioned that Faker has volunteered to come to T1 practices and scrims to give feedback, especially taking the rookie Yoon "Poby" Sung-won under his wing. 

He often does things that help increase the team morale. I think it's been empowering, somewhat, having Faker help us out. 

Faker has been monitoring the team's scrims as well, giving advice to the players and praising them when they did play well according to Oner. Through these actions he's trying to keep the struggling T1's morale up. 

T1 will be playing against first placed KT Rolster on July 29, 2023. T1 currently sits in fifth place with 7 wins and 8 losses, while KT Rolster is tied with Gen.G with 14 wins and 1 loss. 

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