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We want to know which regions could be a part of the upcoming game!

League of Legends Regions That Could Potentially Be in the LoL MMO

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The League of Legends MMO is still years away it seems, but we can already have some guesses. 

Piltover Arcance header
Honestly, just imagine running through the streets of Piltover. | © Riot Games

League of Legends might only ever be played on a single map, but that doesn't mean that the game is lacking in lore and a massive universe. With every single new champion release we get a new addition to the world of Runeterra, where the story of League of Legends plays. 

Riot has been hard at work to bring a Massively Multiplayer Online Game to life and even though we don't know much about it, we can theorize which regions, species and items will be canon in the upcoming LoL MMO. Today we're going to look at the different regions and which ones will be included in the game. 

LoL MMO: Regions of Runeterra That Will be Playable


Valoran lol region
Valoran is definitely playable. | © Riot Games

Valoran is the northern continent of Runeterra. The continent can be split into different regions once more with the north encompassing the Freljord, the east Noxus, the west Demacia and the south Piltover and Zaun as the main regions of League of Legends. 

In the north also lies a way into the Void, which is another plane of existence in the League of Legends lore.

Central Valoran is made up of various Cities and smaller states that have not been further explored in the lore of League of Legends, so their inclusion would also make a lot of sense in the LoL MMO. States like Boleham, Nockmirch and the Silent Forest will likely all be a part of the ecosystem in the upcoming LoL MMORPG. 


Shurima Desert
Shurima better be in the game as well. | © Riot Games

The southern continent is known as Shurima, which holds the once-great Shuriman Empire, as well as other smaller states like Ixtal and Targon. These will also all likely be playable in the LoL MMORPG and we will be able to explore the ruins of a once proud empire. 

Exploring the ruins of Icathia will also be a part of the game, though we won't be able to check out the Icathia of old since the MMO will likely take place after the destruction of the city. 

Ionian Archipelago & Bilgewater

Ionia is an island chain east of Valoran. With many fan-favorite champions coming from Ionia like Yasuo and Ahri, we will likely have this Asian-inspired continent as part of the LoL MMO as well. We have already thought about the various species that could be made available in the MMORPG and with various kinds of Vastaya likely being playable, we do believe it'll make sense to have Ionia be a part of the game. 

Of course, with the release of the game Ruined King: A League of Legends Story, many fans got more invested in the port of Bilgewater and the underhanded life of pirates, which could make the inclusion of a 'pirate' class, interesting and fun. So of course, including Bilgewater in the game would be a good idea as well. 

Touch of the Void
Imagine some Void boss fights. | © Riot Games

League of Legends Regions That Could Be Included In The MMORPG As Dungeons

Of course, the LoL MMORPG will also need endgame content that doesn't get stale and boring. This is where endgame dungeons come into play. While exploring Runeterra will be an important aspect of the game, including harder dungeon bosses will also be important for players to keep playing. 

Therefore a few regions might be cut off from lower level players and only open to those that reached the end game and want to do boss raids with friends and strangers. 

The Void

We don't see The Void being a playable region. Rather it would make sense to encounter Void creatures as Void bosses and try to fight them. There are multiple instances of the Void flooding out into Runeterra, whether it's through the north in the Freljord or the south in Icathia. 

There are multiple entrances to the Void and where players can go to fight creatures there. 

The Shadow Isles 

Shadow isles celestialvault
The Shadow Isles would be so fun as a dungeon. Bring us Vilemaw! | © Riot Games

The Shadow Isles, once known as the Blessed Isles, are filled with creepy creatures from our nightmares. While it would be interesting to play as a Treant or another creature, we do think with the inclusion of creatures like Vilemaw in the Shadow Isles, dungeons and boss fights would fit the Shadow Isles more than a normal playable region. 


Now Targon was mentioned as a part of the Shuriman contient, we do think that there are options for dungeons to be a part of Targon as well for end game content. Imagine the final boss fight being you and your friends facing off against the Star Forger himself. 

Aurelion Sol despises humanity and his goal is to destroy those who imprisoned him so having Aurelion Sol be a part of the cast of boss fights could be epic. But since the LoL MMORPG is supposed to be canon we don't know how likely such a boss fight could be. 

Bandle City Header
Please let me visit Bandle City in the LoL MMORPG. | © Riot Games

Expansion Regions

Eastern Continent

The Eastern continent likely won't be a part of the initial map in the League of Legends MMO. Countries like Camavor and Kathkan, which have been introduced with Viego, Gwen and Nilah, can be added later into the game to expand the map and the world of the LoL MMO. 

Bandle City 

Yordles, will likely be a playable race in the LoL MMO, but will their hometown of Bandle City be playable? Yordles come from another, magical plane and use teleportation magic to make it to Runeterra. So, while it would be amazing to have Bandle City in the game, with only Yordles having the knowledge of their home and how to get there it seems a bit difficult to imagine Bandle City being a playable region. At least right off the bat, maybe Riot will retcon some stuff in lore to make it happen for the LoL MMO. 

While we do think that the main regions of League of Legends will be in the game, some will be added later. Runeterra is an ever-growing world with new champions and characters getting included all the time thanks to League of Legends and Legends of Runeterra. 

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