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MSI 2022 Drops & Watch Rewards

More 09-05-2022 22:10
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The 2022 Mid-Season Invitational in Busan is just around the corner. T1, who went 20-0 in the LCK this year will face off against Saigon Buffalo, who represent the VCS after not being part of any international tournaments throughout the last 2 years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

So, with the action kicking off, without the LPL representative being present, nor an LCL representative at all taking part in the event, we're wondering whether there are going to be some rewards for the tournament? Of course, the winning team will get the trophy, but are there going to be rewards for us for watching the event?

Will There Be Watch Rewards? 

In previous years, there have always been watch rewards for those who watched the Mid-Season Invitational and connected their League of Legends account to This way, players were able to get esports capsules with special rewards, depending on the match and what was happening in the game.

While Riot Games has not made any announcements regarding watch drops, we would like to think that at MSI 2022 there will be rewards for dedicated viewers once more. Leakers have also shown that the esports capsules this year will include more content, though that could still be a work in progress and only happen for Worlds 2022

But, TyraMaySue on Twitter revealed that the drops in the MSI capsules will be focusing on "Rell, Morgana, Taliyah Icons and Viego, LeBlanc, Rengar + some other". 

How Do You Get MSI 2022 Watch Rewards? 

As already mentioned, you can gain rewards by watching the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational on the lolesports website. You just have to log onto your Riot account and then watch the games from there. That way, you gain rewards and drops, just like you did during the 2021 League of Legend World Championship. 

On the lolesports website, it doesn't matter which viewing browser you choose. You can either choose to watch the event on or YouTube, or any of the other available streams on the lolesports website. Just make sure you're logged in otherwise you won't get anything. 


What Rewards And Drops Can You Get For Watching MSI 2022? 

Riot will likely focus on you getting icons and other small presents for watching the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational. As TyraMaySure said, they're going to focus on specific champion icons for the event, so if you're looking to get a certain Rell icon, then this is your chance... though we doubt there are a lot of Rell mains out there... hence why Riot is considering giving her a mid-scope update in 2022. 

So, are you ready for MSI 2022? Who is your favorite? Check out our tier list and flame us on Discord

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