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Who is the best team at MSI?

Ranking the MSI 2022 Teams

MSI 2022 Tier List
This is our MSI tier list

The 2022 Mid-Season Invitational is just around the corner, and we've decided to take a look at the different teams competing at this year's event. Who is the top tier, and who will likely fail at making it out of groups? 

If you're wondering who is playing when during the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational, then make sure to check out our hub article. You'll find out who is playing, when they're playing, and see all information regarding the standings of the first international tournament in 2022. 

Who Are The MSI 2022 Favorites? 

Of course, the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational favorites are none other than T1. With a veteran like Faker at the helm, the team managed to go 20-0 in the LCK this Spring. The only piece that changed in their off-season was their top laner, but the rest of the team stayed the same, all players who made it to the 2021 World Championship semi-finals as well. 

So, with the experience of a World Championship behind them, as well as the support of the home crowd, there is no denying that T1 are the favorites to make it to the 2022 MSI Finals and take home the trophy, though the issue with playing on 30-ping could be a downside for them. 

Who Are the Runner Ups for MSI 2022? 

There are multiple teams that could also make it to the 2022 MSI finals. RNG and PSG Talon are both strong teams with veteran players that know how to deal with the pressure of playing on the international stage. We would have put G2 Esports into the A-Tier as well, but with the addition of international rookies in the bot lane, as well as BrokenBlade in the top lane, we felt they were better suited for the B-Tier. 

Though, if CaPs brings out his A-game then, he is also able to show the world that G2 is back and the team can be considered as favorites to win the trophy. But, as mentioned, the rookies in the bot lane could be the downfall for G2 Esports, but as EU natives we continue to hold out hope. 


Who Can Be Surprise Contenders at MSI 2022? 

We also cannot forget the surprise contenders at this year's MSI. Last year DetonatioN FocusMe managed to almost take a game off DAMWON KIA who seemed unstoppable. The team also showed great prowess at the 2021 World Championship, where they made it to the group stage. So, with a new mid laner, we do believe that DFM have a chance to upset some teams — and we want to see as much of Evi's thumbs up as possible. 

Another team that could surprise some folks is the VCS representative, Buffalo Saigon. It's been over two years since we've seen a Vietnamese team at an international event and from what we know, the VCS will always bring out surprise picks that will shake up their opponents. Sadly, both DFM and Buffalo Saigon are in the same group, so only one of them will be able to advance — unlkess T1 completely blunders. 

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Sorry - The Lower Bracket Teams

Evil Geniuses has shown just how strong they are, especially with a former World Champion leading the team. But will Impact be able to keep his young team in check? We do think that Evil Geniuses can make it out of the group phase, but after that they probably won't make it much further. Sorry NA. 

While Brazil and LATAM will bring the passion, we also doubt that they're going to be able to touch the other teams at this tournament. The same goes for Turkey and Oceania. These regions are filled with passionate fans and players and they're extremely fun to watch, but the skill level between these regions and the rest are just too great. 

But, we could be pleasantly surprised and maybe we're completely off with our MSI 2022 tier list. Maybe Brazil will have the most surprising winning streak of them all, or ORDER will kick out Evil Geniuses in the group stage already. Anything is possible on the MSI stage.