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More percents for charity?

Riot Is Changing LoL Soul Fighter Samira Charity Profits

News 26-07-2023 15:40
Influencer Spideraxe has confronted Riot about their promise to donate 100 percent of the revenue,created by the Ultimate Samira skin |© Riot Games

The Soul Fighter Ultimate skin for Samira sparked controversy in the last weeks, with many players feeling that the skin wasn't special enough to be called "ultimate." In response, Riot Games made changes and added graphical effects to the skin. However, the skin's price tag remained unchanged.

Players who purchased the skin support a charity action by Riot Games, as the company pledged to donate 20% of the proceeds generated by the skin.

Riot Games Changes Percentages for Charity Donation?

Riot Games has a history of supporting charity. In 2019, the company established their "Social Impact Fund" and partnered with ImpactAssets to invest in charity organizations worldwide.

During the ongoing Soul Fighter Event, Riot Games announced that 20% of all proceeds generated by the Soul Fighter Samira Skin and the event pass will be donated to charity.

Shortly after the skin's release, questions arose in the LoL community. The skin's page through Samira's Character page initially stated that 100% of the proceeds would be donated.

Riot employee "RiotSakaar" later clarified that the 100% message was a mistake, and players could choose to either get a refund or request that the full amount be donated.

For anyone that bought it while this typo was live and was under the impression that it would be 100% they're able to ticket in to either request a refund or request that 100% of the proceeds do in fact go towards the fund.

Players Contact Riot Support For 100% Donation

Soul Fighter Viego
Will Riot keep the promise and donate the 100% |©Riot Games

Whether Riot would actually go through with the promise mentioned above and donate all of a players money to charity if they demand it was tested out by Twitter user Spideraxe: 

I was curious if Riot would actually go through with honoring 100% of Soul Fighter Samira revenue to charity, so I messaged support about it and it seems like they will, but they didn't actually have a system in place yet.

The response he received could be taken as a positive sign, although it wasn't a clear statement. The reply, from "Jokan" of the Riot Games Player Support, reads:

Hey again Spideraxe, Thanks for letting me know that! We are still communicating with our team about honoring this for players, so it will take some more time to take care of this one. As soon as we have an update, I will let you know! I appreciate your patience and understanding while we figure things out.

It will be interesting to see if Riot will follow through with their promise. Of course, we hope so, as it's for charity after all. Many players in the community share the same hope. Rest assured, we will keep you up to date.

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