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Is Riot Going to Make More Novels in the Future?

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The Ruination novel has just been released all over the world and fans are loving the deep dive into League of Legends and Runeterran lore. The fact that we get so much closer to our favorite champions and that we get to truly experience what Runeterra is all about is just a bonus, right?

So, with the success of the Ruination novel, we were wondering whether Riot has any more plans to make more novels in the future. Will we get to explore new regions in Runeterra through a novel or is Ruination a one-time deal? 


More Novels Could Be Made

In a Reddit AMA, Tahm Hiddleston explained that there could be a chance of future novels set in Runeterra to be a reality. So, if you liked the Ruination novel and want more books, then you might be in luck, because there is a possibility of more books and stories to be told. 

Runeterra is huge with a vast cast of characters, especially thanks to Legends of Runeterra, as well as the LoL MMO which is going to expand the world even further beyond our imaginations. So, another book is definitely not out of the question. 

We do have continued interest in book publishing. I'm certainly counting on more in the future. That said, we're doing some work at the moment to find the right stories and time to make those stories before we officially commit to anything. 

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So, nothing has been confirmed yet for the next League of Legends lore novel, but we do know that there are talks of more books in the future. Many other video games have their own book series. Take Halo for example with an expansive collection, while The Witcher is based off of a Polish book series. 

Novels and video games go hand-in-hand and often work much better than film or television adaptations it seems. Has anyone complained much about the Halo books? Not at all, while the Halo television series got some mediocre reviews. 

Where Could Future Books Be Set? 

There are so many characters and champions in Runeterra that could be the main characters of their own novels. For example, an adventure log of Ezreal could be extremely fun and witty to read. Of course, a book about Shurima and the glory days would also be interesting with someone like Nasus as the main character. 

The options are endless but unfortunately, we don't have any news on what Riot will want to do with future novels set in Runeterra. What would you like to read about in a book from Riot? Let us know on Discord! 

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