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Was Tyler1 right to write this stuff in chat?

LoL: "Headshot Yourself" - Screenshots of Tyler1 In-Game Behavior Leak

More 28-04-2023 12:25
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LoL: Tyler1 is Challenger, but it comes at a price... | © Tyler1

Tyler1 has finally reached his goal of Challenger on April 27, 2023. He's conquered the EUW server after a pretty difficult start. It seemed like he was never going to make it out of Master, when he finally found what worked for him, and turned off his stream to make his goal a reality. 

Now that he's reached the highest tier in League of Legends, some screenshots of his in-game and post-game interactions with players have been revealed and the community is split whether he should be held accountable or whether this is 'normal' League of Legends behavior. 

LoL: Toxic Messages From Tyler1 Surface Online

Tyler1 isn't the most child-friendly League of Legends streamer out there and after having played over 800 games in about 40 days, averaging 10-hours of League of Legends daily he's reached Challenger on the EUW server, completing his goal. 

Now images of some of his chat messages have leaked online, with one Redditor asking whether Riot should punish the well-known streamer for such toxic behavior. But this simple post quickly blew up, splitting the community in half, with some believing Tyler should be held accountable, while others just brushing it off. 

Some players called the comments "soft" while others called out the community for enabling players like Tyler1 to shape the League of Legends player base. 

Tyler1: verbally toxic for a decade.
: runs it down at speeds Usain Bolt is jealous of.
League Community
: “these two are such chad gamers.”
Also League Community
: “Why is this game so toxic? Why can’t I have normal teammates?”
The ones this community fervently defends are the same ones showing their viewers this kind of behavior is acceptable.

Many players do believe that Tyler should be chat banned for his comments, but most do not think his behavior warrants any further punishment than that. 

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With Riot introducing a new in-game report system we might see players like Tyler1 or even TheBausffs receive more reports, which could lead to them getting reprimanded for their actions and words, but we're going to have to wait to see how well the reporting system functions. 

Toxicity, of any kind, whether that is hurtful words or through bad in-game behavior and spam-pinging, should not be a norm in League of Legends. Riot is working on trying to fix the issues, but they're lagging behind and don't seem to be able to solve the issues. 

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