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After 820 Games Tyler1 Finally Achieved His Goal in EUW

News 27-04-2023 13:10
LoL: Tyler1 finally did it! | © Riot Games

Tyler "Tyler1" Steinkamp has finally achieved his goal after several weeks of grinding on the EUW server, complaining about griefers, and calling out streamers.

After reaching challenger in every role in North America, Tyler1 is not done with showing what he is good for and has been looking for new challenges to overcome. 

The Twitch streamer currently finds himself in Europe with a new trial to overcome - reaching challenger on the EUW server. After over a month away from home, he has been grinding every day, and now it looks like Tyler1 has finally achieved his goal.

Tyler1 Reaches Challenger in EUW

With over 800 games played, Tyler1 has finally made it to the challenger on his account FREEDOMFIGHTER2 after being hardstuck in masters for a few weeks. He reached challenger yesterday after grinding Solo Queue, winning several games off-stream, and eventually ending up with a total of 1,025 LP.

On his EUW Account, he has the highest win rate on Karthus, Cho'Gath, Nautilus, and Ivern. Here are his top four champions from  

ChampionWin RateTimes Played

Funny enough, the champion we all think about when we talk about Tyler1, Draven, was the champion with the lowest win rate of all his most-played champions, with a 49% win rate. 

Tyler1 Faces Issues on His Road to Challenger

Reaching challenger in just over a month is quite impressive. However, his run has not been without any hassle. While hardstuck in master, Tyler1 called out Twitch Streamer Thebausffs for his inting playstyle in the toplane. 

Tyler was annoyed with how Thebausffs was playing and blamed the Swedish streamer for his inting mentality we find on the EUW server. Tyler believed this mentality was why people who died a lot were not banned for intentional feeding. 

Ironically, Thebausffs has recently gotten both his accounts banned for intentional feeding in a span of a week.

Despite his unhappiness with the EUW server. Tyler1 eventually made it to challenger after grinding several games a day. What do you think Tyler's next challenge will be? 

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