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LoL Players, Stop Ragequitting Clash Brackets!

News 18-09-2023 14:00

Every month, League of Legends holds a community tournament called Clash. Split into two days, players can participate on each day to claim the crown in an eight-team bracket. However, it suffers from one huge issue: player frustration.

Lo L Clash 2023
Players, why do you ragequit all the time? | © Riot Games

We get it. Player frustration is nothing new. In fact, you can feel it in almost every Ranked game, no matter if you are winning or losing. A lot of players struggle to keep their cool in competitive environments. 

Ragequitting is especially bad in Clash. However, Riot has actually done something about this ahead of the current clash split. 

League Players, There Is No Reason To Quit Your Clash Bracket After Losing Round 1!

Originally, teams would be rewarded for their final finishing position. While Clash is a single-bracket tournament, any eliminated team can participate in the consolation bracket to play for better prizes. However, if the best thing you can get after losing round 1 is a ward skin, the incentive to play is lowering drastically.

Riot have reacted to this by changing the Clash rewards. Nowadays, you will receive rewards depending on how many games you win. This means that even if you lose the first match, you will now get better rewards than the team that beat you if they go on to lose their two remaining matches. This is only fair, right?

Big Bad Warwick
The big bad wolf has eaten Little Red and her grandmother because they ragequit after losing round 1 in Clash. Don't be like Little Red and her grandma, kids. | © Riot Games

It also means absolutely nothing – except for the grand prize, I suppose – is lost when you lose your first match. We get it, sometimes a bracket seems absolutely doomed, but by playing it out you have at least tried and added to a great competitive experience for everyone. By surrendering, you are denying yourself from winning prizes!

Apart from that, it is also really not cool that a different team will have to wait for a full match for their next opponent. Imagine if you were in their shoes! Clash players, please be good sports and stop ragequitting Clash brackets!

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