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Sad, but hopefully this makes his CGU fire

Aurelion Sol CGU Has Been Delayed

Champions 18-10-2022 16:20
Storm dragon aurelion sol
We've been desperately waiting for this CGU. | © Riot Games

Aurelion Sol is the next champion to get a huge rework. Sure, it isn't in design or anything, but the giant space dragon is getting a completely new kit and fans have been hyped to finally see the god come to life on the rift as well. 

We've gotten glimpses of his new gameplay and while the orbs have been removed he is still a roaming mage, but with a lot more late game power, becoming a scaling power house. But, unfortunately, Riot has revealed that the CGU is delayed until 2023. 

 LoL Champion ASol's CGU Has Been Delayed

Who wouldn't want to play a giant space dragon that can forge whole new planets? It sounds epic on paper, but unfortunately, Aurelion Sol has not lived up to these standards since he was reworked shortly after his release. 

Earlier in 2022 Riot revealed that they would be testing out a whole new type of rework in which they wouldn't touch a champion's cosmetics or visuals and solely focus on remaking the champion's kit to fit into the current state of League of Legends. Aurelion Sol would be the first champion to get this type of a rework. 

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In the August 2022 champion Roadmap we also got a first glimpse of his reworked abilities and it was stated that we would be seeing the big space dragon on the rift in late 2022. But that has since changed and we're going to have to wait a bit longer. 

Riot King Cobra wrote on discord that the champion CGU has been pushed into early 2023 instead of being released in late 2022, but fans have responded favourably, expressing their desire for Riot to get the champion CGU right. 

You'll be seeing new A Sol early next year instead of end of year as we originally stated in the Champ Roadmap. Wanted to give the pod a bit more time to make him awesome. Sorry to make ya wait longer. 

It's better for Riot to take their time and make Aurelion Sol awesome upon release than rush into things and have him be an unbalanced mess, right? It also seems like he won't be pushed back for too long, maybe his release will be around the same time as the much anticipated Ahri ASU

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