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Is Aurelion Sol Getting a New Kit?

Champions 08-03-2022 18:00
Ashen Lord Aurelion Sol Skin
Please give him an update. | © Riot Games

Lead Champions Producer Ryan “Reav3” Mireles has recently come out on Reddit to talk about upcoming champions and the champion roadmap which is set to release in April 2022. So, let’s go over what we can expect in the coming months.

Which champions will be released next, and when will we finally get our hands on the new Udyr VGU? Oh, and what about the mystery VGU we’ve been thirsting after?

When Will the Udyr VGU release?

Udyr will be receiving a visual and gameplay update in 2022. That much has been clear for over a year already. Fans voted and Riot has released extensive images and updates in regard to the junglers visual and gameplay rework.

But, all of you Udyr mains desperately waiting for the VGU, you might have to wait a bit longer. In the Reddit post — originally about Elise’s VFX disaster — Reav3 explained that the new Void jungler and the upcoming bot lane champion will likely release before the VGU.

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Which Champion Will Receive the Mystery VGU?

Reav3 also touched upon the mystery champion update. He did state that this rework is different from a regular visual and gameplay update, but wasn’t able to share too much. From previous comments though, fans have gauged that the champion in question is one with few skins.

Fans on Twitter have also suspected that the champion that will receive the mystery update is none other than the great Aurelion Sol who has been suffering since 2019. That’s three years of horrible gameplay and an alienated community — though the ASol community isn’t very big.

Why Do Fans Think the Mystery VGU Will be Aurelion Sol?

One reason fans think the VGU will go to Aurelion Sol is due to the fact that Reav3 spoke of a champion update unlike any other we’ve seen before. Aurelion Sol was released in 2016 and his overall visuals are fine, but his champion kit is what Riot needs to look at.

Some fans think that Riot will completely erase his current kit and replace it with something new. This could have an effect on his visuals as well, since the skins he has will have to be updated visually to fit the new abilities as well as the base skin.

Another reason why fans believe ASol to be the one to get the VGU is that he is a champion with few skins — criteria we know that are part of the mystery VGU. Aurelion Sol currently has 3 skins in his inventory.

Aurelion Sol Lo R
LoR did him justice. | © Riot Games

A few months ago, RiotCobra also posted on the Aurelion Sol mains Reddit asking for opinions on potential changes for the champion. He did state that this doesn’t mean the space dragon would receive any updates, but it could be a hint that the champions team started designing a bigger rework for ASol then.

Another post on Reddit did state that Riot has invited ASol streamers to test some new changes. We aren’t sure how credible those sources are, though, since this is a post on Reddit and the proposed changes in the thread are the exact opposite of what the ASol community asked for.

One thing is for sure though, Aurelion Sol is in need of a rework and deleting his abilities to make room for new ones might be the only choice Riot has to try and save one of the most interesting champions — lore wise.

When Would the Mystery VGU be Released?

Reav3 did state in the Reddit post that if their project for the mystery champion would get greenlit, he could explain a bit more in the upcoming April champion roadmap. Therefore, it seems unlikely for this champion rework to go live in 2022.

So expect it to hit servers in 2023 or earliest at the end of 2022. Until then, we will have to keep breathing in the hopium of a Cho’Gath VGU or even a Kassadin ASU to hit the rift. Which champion do you guys think should get a rework?

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