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A new website for all your 2022 League of Legends performance stats is online. Read everything about it here.

Check Out Your LoL Year In Review With New Website

Champions 10-07-2023 14:30
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There is a new statistics website for you |©Riot Games

For some League of Legends players, tracking personal performance and achievements is essential. They frequently visit websites like op.gg to access their individual statistics. Now, a new site called YearIn.LoL has emerged, providing players with comprehensive personal statistics for 2022. Here's how you can view your stats.

YearIn.LoL: How To View All Your Stats From 2022

Statistical websites are nothing new in the League of Legends landscape. Some sites offer detailed insights into play styles, favorite champions, and have gained a significant user base over the years. Players use these sites for various reasons, such as analyzing individual performance, reviewing opponent stats, and finding the best item builds and runes.

Now, a new website called YearIn.LoL has entered the scene, offering players the most accurate statistics for their 2022 games. The announcement of YearIn.LoL has generated excitement among users, as seen in the Reddit comments.

In the League of Legends Subreddit post, user "RickLUL" introduced the website and highlighted its features. According to Rick, they have "downloaded every SINGLE game from 2022" to provide all the standard statistics players expect.

We downloaded every SINGLE game from 2022, archiving every single one of your hard-earned Disco Nunu deaths and Katarina pentakills. Shockingly, our data set doesn’t include any wards placed by marksmen. We have all the standard numbers you expect - KDA, most kills, most kills on average per game, etc. But you’re here for the good stuff.

Rick further explains the features of the website, including different leaderboards based on the collected information and stats. The website also offers a multisearch function and promises visually appealing infographics summarizing personal stats.

All you need to do is visit the website and enter your in-game name.

This is our first year doing this, and we have a lot of plans for next year. If you have any input on what kind of data you’d like to see in the next iteration (or just any features you think are worthy to be on the site), please let us know

Community Reactions

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There was an overwhelming positive feedback for the new site|©Riot Games

The League of Legends community has shown a positive response to the new website. Many enthusiastic users commented on the announcement, praising the site's design. User "Boudynasr" mentioned, "the design of the website is so neat and well done, very clean work," while "paulofci" expressed, "Really good! Interesting and funny facts! And everything is really good-looking! Continue this, man!"

It will be interesting to see how the website develops in the future and how many players will utilize it. As mentioned in the Reddit post, the developers are actively working on additional features and seek community input.

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