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LCK Summer Playoffs 2022 | Ge.G Dominate the LCK

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LCK Summer Playoffs: Gen. G reign supreme after regular season | © Riot Games

The LCK Summer Playoffs 2022 is about to start. The LCK is one of the best regions in the world and is known for having produced some of the best players in the League of Legends scene. With Worlds Championship 2022 coming up, you definitely want to pay attention to this region.

With the LCK regular season done, the LCK Summer Playoffs 2022 is next on the list. Will Gen. G continue their supremacy from regular split, or will other teams stand up to the challenge? We will provide you with information about the dates, the LCK Playoffs schedule, and the teams qualified. 

LCK Summer Playoffs 2022: Start and End Dates

The LCK Summer Playoffs begins Wednesday, 17 August 2022, at 4:00 AM (EST). The format is divided into three parts (Round 1, Round 2, and Finals).

After Playoffs Round 1 and 2, The LCK Summer Finals will take place on Sunday, August 28 2022, at 12:40 AM (EST). There is a one-week break between Playoffs round 2 and finals, which gives the final teams some time to prepare for finals. 

LCK Playoffs 2022 - Teams Qualified

With the regular season over, we have the final standings. Only six the top six teams from regular season will proceed to playoffs. Here are the final standings:


TeamWin - LossPoints
1GEN.G17+ 30


T115+ 18
3Liiv SANDBOX13+ 13
4Damwon10+ 7

kt Rolster

10+ 5
6DRX9- 1

Kwangdong Freecs

5- 16
8NS RedForce3- 14
9Fredit Brion3- 20
10Hanwha Life Esports2- 22

LCK Finals | Gen.G Dominate the LCK

Throughout the LCK playoffs Gen.G has looked incredible. They had the perfect second half of the Summer Split and took this confidence into the playoffs where they destroyed both Liiv Sandbox to secure a spot at Worlds 2022 and decimated T1 in the finals. 

Chovy, Doran, Lehends and Ruler finally won their first LCK trophy. Crazy to think with names like those, right? Peanut led Gen.G as the oldest member to the finals and throughout their win against T1 as one of the most influential members of the team int he LCK finals. 

LCK Summer Playoffs 2022 Schedule and Format

The LCK Playoff format is pretty simple. For Round 1, the four bottom teams has to face each other in a best of five. The teams that lose their Bo5, is eliminated from Playoffs. 

For the Round 2, the winners of Round 1 face of the top two teams from regular season, Gen. G and T1Because Gen. G finished first in regular season, they get to choose which of the winners from Round 1 they want to play against. The winners of Round 2 will meet for the finals. 

LCK Playoffs Schedule

Round 1 - August 17 and 18, 2022

DateTeamScoreTeam Score

Gen.G Will be able to choose the team they will face in the Semi-Finals since they placed first in the LCK 2022 Summer Split. 

  • Gen.G has chosen to face off against Liiv Sandbox
  • T1 will face DAMWON KIA in their semi-final

Round 2 - August 20 and 21, 2022

20.08.2022Gen. G3LSB1

The world rejoices as Zeri finally loses in pro-play. LSB put up an insane fight against the most dominant team in the LCK Summer Split, but it wasn't enough and Gen.G makes their way into the LCK Finals. 

T1 played a dramatic Best of five series against DAMWON KIA, almost getting reverse swept, but they came back in game 5 to take the W and qualify for Worlds, as well as the LCK Summer Finals. 

Finals - August 28, 2022


The LCK Summer Playoffs 2022 Live-Streams

The LCK offers different ways for English viewers to to watch their competition live. 

Who do you think will be the next LCK Champion? Do you think Gen.G will continue their winning streak? 

Join our Discord and let us know!

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