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Gwen will not be the same

Gwen Mini-Rework Hitting the Rift Soon

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Gwen is getting a slight rework in Patch 12.13. | © Riot Games

Gwen is an interesting champion. In pro play she seems completely broken, but the moment you pick her in solo queue it feels like she is one of the worst champions in the game. Her 46% win rate in LoL Patch 12.11 and 12.12 don't really speak volumes for her either. 

So, what has Riot done? They've taken a champion we all love to hate and decided that remaking her kit is a good idea. So, without further ado, let's go over the Gwen mini-rework and what it could entail for anyone who plays this champion on a regular basis. 


Gwen Abilities Reworked in LoL Patch 12.13

As already mentioned in our LoL Patch 12.13 Buffs and Nerfs article, Gwen is going to have her abilities reworked. This isn't a huge mid-scope update like the one Sivir is getting, but it will have quite an impact on anyone who likes to play Gwen and is used to her current kit. 

The TLDR? Her ultimate has been changed, she doesn't have as much innate healing, and her Q just seems way too overpowered after these changes. 

Base Stats
  • HP Regen Growth: 0.55 --> 0.9 per 5s

Q - Snip Snip!

  • Damage per Snip: 9-21(+5% AP) --> 10-26(+5%AP)
  • Final Snip Damage: 45-105(+25%AP) --> 60-140(+35%AP)
  • Center Snip: 100% True Damage --> 75% True Damage
  • Deals 75% damage to minions
  • Minions below 20% health take 1000% bonus damage insead of reduced damage
W - Hallowed Mist
  • Bonus Resistances: 12-20(+5%AP) --> 17-25(+7%AP)
  • Duration: 5s --> 4s
E - Skin'n Slash
  • Bonus Magic Damage: 10(+15%AP) --> 15(20%AP)
  • Bonus Range: 50 --> 75
  • Cooldown: 13-9s --> 13-11s
  • Cooldown Refund: 50% --> 25/35/45/55/65%
R - Needlework
  • Damage Per Neelde: 30/55/80(+8%AP) --> 35/65/95(+10%AP)
  • [ADJUSTED] Recast resets after damaging an enemy --> Resets after 1s

What Changes Will Have the Biggest Impact on Gwen Gameplay? 

The biggest change is definitely her ultimate. Having her recast timed makes a huge difference and means Gwen won't be able to heal as quickly as she did before. Add in the nerf to her innate healing and Gwen is going to feel a lot weaker in late game team fights. 

On the other hand, Riot did buff her Q and not just by a bit. Sure, the True Damage to her centre was nerfed, but overall damage has increased. Add in the E range buff and you've got one scary E+Q combo from this AP top laner. 

But, will that make up for her weaker ultimate? Hardly. Riot could have found a better solution, probably to her ultimate. Some players on Reddit stated that adding a function, similar to that of Camille's Q. The longer one waits between charges the stronger the charge will be. That could be more situational and make the ultimate a fun mechanic to play around, while the current option on PBE takes away much of Gwen's skill expression. 

When Will the Gwen Changes Go Live? 

These changes are currently being tested out on the PBE Server. They will hit live servers with LoL Patch 12.13 on July 13, 2022. These next two weeks are going to be the only ones where you can still play the old Gwen, so make sure you get to it. 

These changes will have a huge impact on the Rift and on Gwen players. She is one of the more difficult top laners to master and with the changes it seems like she is going to be easier to play in lower elos, which could improve her win rate overall. What do you guys think of these changes? Or will you be switching to Bel'Veth top or Nilah top