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Who are the Champions we saw the most of during the 2022 MSI Group Phase?

Most Played Champions During MSI 2022 Group Phase

Esports 16-05-2022 18:00
Pentakill Viego RF
How often was Viego picked? | © Riot Games

The 2022 Mid-Season Invitational Group Phase has come to an end, and we have some interesting insights into the meta of the tournament thus far. Which champions are dominating, and which ones should we see less of now that we're in the second phase of the tournament? 

With half the teams going home, it's about time to get ready for the 2022 MSI Rumble stage. Four teams will move onto the knockout round, but first of all let's check out the key picks of the 2022 MSI group phase. 


Most Played Champions At MSI 2022 Group Phase

Top Lane: Gwen

The top laner with the highest impact and most picks was none other than Gwen. She was picked a total of 17 times (though two of those were in the mid lane) in the group phase, making her one of the most picked champions. It just goes to show how valuable she is in the top lane thanks to her damage output, innate sustain and play making abilities. Seriously, Gwen can turn any fight around in her favour with a well-placed ultimate. 

Cutie Cafe Gwen Splash
This top laner is unstoppable. | © Riot Games

Not only was Gwen picked a total of 17 times, but she also saw 11 bans in the group phase, which means that if teams weren't picking her, she would be banned. With a 76.5% win rate she's one of the best picks at the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational and we will be seeing much more of her in the next phases of the competition. 

Jungle: Viego

Viego got picked a total of 16 times during the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational. His clear speed and ability to control fights, as well as burst down enemies thanks to his ultimate, made him a viable pick in the tournament, but did it really work out how most thought? 

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Viego only has a win rate of 31.3%, losing 11 of his games and only winning 5. The best Viego player at the tournemant thus far was Wei, who picked him two times, won both games with a KDA of 7.0. So, in the right hands Viego does work, but it seems like he was picked by lower seeded teams more often, which earned him such a low win rate. 

Mid Lane: Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate was the most played mid laner in the 2022 MSI grou phase, but without much success. He managed to rake in 11 games in the grou phase, only winning 4 games. Ouch. He did have a 67% presence at the tournament thus far though, getting banned 13 times as well. 

Pax twisted fate
Why was he so bad? | © Riot Games

The champions KDA wasn't the worst, but it seems that lower seeded teams picked him, which meant that even if the champion is great for map control thanks to his global ult, he wasn't as effective as he could be. So even with such a low win rate, he'll likely stick around for the rest of the tournament. 

Bot Lane: Kai'Sa

We've been talking a lot about Kai'Sa mid, but just ahead of the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational, Riot made some changes to the AP Kai'Sa build which means that players will see her in the bot lane once more instead of the mid lane. Sad? Maybe, but she's still exciting to watch even as an ADC. 

Kaisa 16 2101
She's a great pick for quick gameplay. | © Riot Games

Like Twisted Fate, Kai'Sa was also picked 11 times, though she managed to win over half her games, taking home 6 wins and only losing 5 times, giving her a 54.5% win rate. She's a strong, dominant late game pick who will be able to dash around the map in the blink of an eye thanks to her ultimate, creating chaos for her opponents. We hope to see more Kai'Sa at MSI 2022. 


Support: Leona

Of course, the most played support champion is none other than Leona. She's been the go-to support pick in any pro meta since 2020. She has crowd control and is a tank who is able to engage and start off fights with ease. Seriously, what can't Leona do? 

Battle Academia Leona Prestige Edition
Of course Leona is number one. | © Riot Games

She managed to rake in 7 wins and 8 losses and was picked 15 times. But this is still much better than the second place Nautilus, who seems to have only been picked to feed into Leona comps. But ith 46% Leona still isn't in the winning lineup of champions. But she'll likely continue to be part of the 2022 MSI lineup. 

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