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How would a Wild Rift exclusive champion look like?

Is Riot Working on Wild Rift Exclusive Champions?

Champions 01-09-2022 13:30
Norra League of Legends
Legends of Runeterra already have some exclusive champions. | © Riot Games

Riot just keeps coming out with new champions for our beloved computer game, which is League of Legends. Some of the champions that are available in the PC game can also later appear in the mobile version, Wild Rift. Right now, Wild Rift has around 80 champions, whereas LoL has almost double the amount with over 160 champions (though we wouldn't mind deleting a few of them). But now the question remains - will there ever be a Wild Rift exclusive champion? The newly assigned Head of League Studio gives us reasons to believe it might be so.

Thinking that there might be some champions that will only be available for Wild Rift isn’t that unreasonable. Riot Games have already made exclusive champions for some of their other games, like their recent addition of Norra to Legends of Runeterra.

Also, Riot has already been playing around with making Wild Rift exclusive things in the game already. During the last Star Guardian event, for example. Riot made some Wild Rift-only skins for the champions  Xayah, Rakan, Orianna, Senna, and finally, for the champion we all know and love - Seraphine. Therefore, it is not strange to assume that some champions could be created to be Wild Rift exclusive.

Here are some champions some would argue shouldn’t be a part of any game...

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During an interview with Polygon the new Head of League Studio, Andrei Van Roon, we got even more reasons to believe that there will be Wild Rift exclusive champions in the future. Basically, Andrei was speaking about the current state of the game and how Riot Games goes about updating new champions and the addition of new ones. 

At the end of the interview, when talking about Riot Game's future, Andrei had this to say: “A few years down the road, once we’ve got everyone’s favorite champions over and so on, but then we’ll want to explore — what does a Wild Rift-unique champion look like?” 

Does this mean we will have champions in the future that will only be available in Wild Rift? From his answer, it seems pretty likely, but only time will tell for now. What do you think about the possibility of Wild Rift exclusive champions? Do you think Riot might try to bring up ideas that maybe fit better to gameplay on the phone? 

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