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League of Legends: Riot Have Revealed Jax as Next Mid-Scope Candidate

Champions 08-12-2022 10:55
Temple Jax
No update to his feet tho. | © Riot Games

It seems that Jax is going to continue to have some of the biggest feet in League of Legends. A win for foot fetishists, but a loss for everyone else. All jokes aside, while Jax might not receive a VGU or ASU, he will be getting a mid-scope update to freshen up his kit. 

So let's go over everything we know about the upcoming Jax mid-scope update, but let's be real it isn't much for now. 


Jax Mid-Scope Update Revealed by Riot

Riot have revealed two of the champions that will be getting mid-scope updates in the coming months. Rell was one of the two champions named and the other was Jax. Now, this one was a bit of a head scratcher, since he's got a decent kit and has been playable in every meta basically and was even a great counter at the 2022 LoL World Championship. 

But. Riot is going to be making a few changes to Jax in the coming months, probably after the Neeko MSU has been released and revealed. But, what is Riot looking to update on Jax' kit? 

What Ability Will Change Thanks To The Jax Mid-Scope Update? 

Riot August has explained that his mid-scope update will be on a smaller scale compared to previous mid-scope updates. So, expect his ultimate to feel much better, but other than that we don't know much about the changes to his kit just yet. 

Riot August has revealed the abilities that will be adjusted in his mid-scope update. Jax' Passive and W won't be affected and will stay the same, but his other abilities are going to receive some changes. 

AbilitiesChanges in Jax Mid-Scope Update
Q - Leap Strike
  • AP Ratio: 60% >>> removed
E - Counter Strike
  • Damage: 55-155 (+50% bonus AD) physical damage >> 55-175 + 4% max health (+100% AP) magic damage
  • Damage bonus per attack dodges: 20% of total damage >> 20% of base damage
R - Grandmaster's Might
  • Cooldown: 80s >>> 100 - 80s
  • Damage: 100 / 140 / 180 (+70% AP) >>> 100-150 (+60% AP)


  • Bonus Armor: 10 - 40 + 10% bAD and 14 - 22 + 10% bAD per target >>> 25 - 65 + 40% bAD and 15 - 25% + 10% bAD per target
  • Bonus MR is 75% of Armors Value

New Active:

  • Jax swings his lantern around him, dealing 150-350 (+100% AP) magic damage to nearby enemies. If he hits a champion he gains 10-40 (+.1 Bonus AD) Armor and Magic Resist, plus 14-22 (+.1 Bonus AD) per champion hit for the next 8 seconds. During this time the passive damage applies every 2nd attack instead of every 3rd.

Riot has also added a VFX and SFX for players to know when the passive attack is ready. The new active will also have some new animations and VFX added. 

Jax Mid-Scope Update Release 

The Jax update is going to get onto the PBE server on December 2, 2022. The release will likely be LoL Patch 13.1, which will be in early January. Players can test out all the changes Riot has planned and give feedback on Reddit regarding the changes to Jax' abilities. 

More Mid-Scope Updates: 

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