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League of Legends: One Of The Newest Champs Has Also Become The Most Unpopular

Champions 22-05-2024 17:02

Some League of Legends champions garner a lot of attention and get played a lot, while others get lost in the crowd. One of the newest champions Riot made has become the latter. 

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League of Legends: Which champion is forgotten? | © Riot Games

There are over 160 champions in League of Legends and we're slowly nearing the 170 number in the game as well. With so many characters and champions in the game, it's easy to get lost in the crowd, right? Some champions are more specialized than others with a small minority playing them, which is normal. 

One of those champions seems to be one of the newest ones Riot has released. A player has pointed out the issues with this particular champion in a recent Reddit post, but will this help the champion gain some popularity? 

League of Legends: Naafiri Is The Least Played Mid Laner In The Game

Naafiri is currently the least played champion in the mid lane, something a Reddit user has recently pointed out. They explained in a post that while Naafiri does have a nice model and interesting lore, her gameplay does not live up to her fantasy at all and is part of the reason why she is so unpopular.

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No one wants to play Naafiri. | © Riot Games

Right now, she sits at an abysmal 0.72% pick rate in the mid lane. One of the reasons why she might be so insanely unpopular, according to players on Reddit, is her playstyle and how it doesn't fit with what Riot tried to create. Naafiri was designed to be an easy to pick up assassin, and yet her kit feels much better with bruiser items. 

This dichotomy seems to be a big issue, since players want to build her as a bruiser, but she doesn't have any CC in her kit, which means she isn't that great at skirmishing. Another aspect though which speaks against her assassin identity is her lack of disengage. Sure, she can engage on an enemy, but she has no way of getting out once she's in the fight. 

Her engage ability also takes way too long to channel, giving others way too many opportunities to counterplay it. So, overall, her kit just isn't as engaging as it could have been. 

Players also lament the fact that Naafiri could have done so much more with her pack and her small dogs. Overall, her kit is not as engaging as many had hoped, when she was revealed and has since dropped in play rate. What will Riot have to do to make Naafiri great? 

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