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LoL: Riot Clarifies Stance On Lobby Revealers Amidst Current Account Ban Wave

News 22-05-2024 16:20

Riot recently went on a huge account ban wave. Some players using third party tools like lobby revealers were also affected, but now Riot is clarifying and backtracking. 

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LoL: Lobby revealers are getting punished. | © Riot Games

Riot just went on a huge ban wave in League of Legends thanks to the Vanguard anti-cheat system that has been implemented. Riot revealed the numbers, showing off just how many accounts have been suspended for using illegal tools to give themselves the upper hand in the game.

Now they've also stated that those who are using lobby revealer tools will also be banned, though not permanently. This was something touched upon when the ban numbers were revealed, but some players were wrongfully permanently suspended, now Riot is trying to fix the situation. 

LoL: Lobby Revealer Tools Will Lead To Temporary Suspension

A lobby revealer typically refers to a third-party tool or software that players use to gain additional information about other players in their game lobby. This tool might reveal details such as the summoner names, rank, champion win rates, and other statistics of the players before the game starts.

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No more toxicity and scripting! | © Riot Games

Some League of Legends players had their League of Legends accounts suspended with the Vanguard ban wave. While most of these permanent bans were intended, some players using lobby revealers were also hit with these suspensions, something Riot has clarified shouldn't be the case. 

Riot K3o revealed on Twitter/X that the team is currently working on fixing the messaging for those who use lobby revealers. These players are supposed to only be temporarily suspended. 

We’ll be pushing out the fix to our ban messaging for players using Lobby Revealer tools within the next few hours. The messaging will look like this, informing players it’s a temporary suspension, and the expiration date. Scripting bans are still permanent on first infraction.

So for now, the messaging for the lobby revealer suspensions is still a work in progress and shouldn't say "permanently suspended". Riot is aware though and will be changing the wording, so players from the first ban wave are also aware that their accounts haven't permanently been suspended. 

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