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League of Legends: K'Sante Is The Worst Solo Queue Champion

Champions 07-05-2024 18:12

K'Sante is down in the dumps right now, so will Riot ever do something to try and balance him for solo queue?

Prestige K Sante
League of Legends: K'Sante is suffering. | © Riot Games

K'Sante is one of the newest champions in the game, and yet it seems and feels like he is also one of the worst. In LoL Patch 14.9, his win rate has dropped down to 44%, making him one of the worst champions in the game, though he still has an okay pick rate of almost 3%. 

Who would have thought that this N'Tofo wielding top laner would fall so low only a year and a half after his release, eh? 

League of Legends: K'Sante Has Worst Win Rate In Game

K'Sante has been a hot topic since he was released. A tank that is able to turn into a damage dealer with the press of a button? It seemed like a perfect idea, but one that would be impossible to balance, and it seems that this has happened to the champion. 

Empyrean K Sante skin
K'Sante is just stuck in pro play forever. | © Riot Games

K'Sante is the worst champion in the game, with a mere win rate of 44%. Even complicated champions like Hwei and Aphelios seem to be faring better than the top laner right now. Unfortunately, it seems like Riot is intending to keep K'Sante at this level though for the forseeable future. 

K'Sante falls into the same category as champions like Azir and Ryze that are just meant for the pro-scene and the high MMR scene. Lower elo players shouldn't touch the champion, since they're being kept intentionally weak so they don't get perma-picked or banned at international tournaments. though judging by his presence at MSI 2024 so far we don't know how well that's going to be honest. 

K'Sante has been a pro-meta pick for a while and it looks like no matter what Riot does he will stay in this situation for now. There is no perfect way to balance him and buffing the champion would just mean he is going to be a perma-pick for professional players. 

It's also interesting to see that those who main K'Sante can actually bring his win rate up, but if you're not a One-Trick-Pony you should jsut leave this champion alone it seems. 

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