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League of Legends: Will Milio Be Viable In Pro Play?

Champions 06-03-2023 17:00
Milio Splash Art
League of Legends has a new face on the rift, but is Milio viable in pro play? | © Riot Games

Milio is going to be the newest addition to the roster of League of Legends champions. He's a cute support champion in the bot lane and a brand-new enchanter who is going to be helping your team in any way he can. 

Riot wanted to create a wholesome new character for League of Legends players, which is how Milio came to be. But one important thing you're probably wondering, is whether the champion is going to be viable in pro play as well. 

League of Legends Champion Milio In Pro Play

Milio has a multitude of fun and interesting abilities in his kit that will make him a powerful backline enchanter, ready to buff and heal his allies. While he does seem like a breath of fresh air, whether we will see him at the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational, or one of the many champions T1 Keria will play is still in question. 

Are we going to be getting a game on Milio from Riot Forge? I think it could be cute:

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There is no doubt about it that in the current LoL Seaosn 13 meta, any champion can be viable as a support when it comes to pro play. Marksmen are the current fad thanks to the range and power to push a lane in and snowball from there, so will Milio be able to aid his team in a similar fashion? 

Milio is going to synergize insanely well with long-ranged bot laners like Caitlyn and Aphelios. ADC's like Samira and Nilah won't be as powerful with him, so if long ranged bot laners are meta, then Milio could be seen in the pro scene. 

What can also make or break this champion in the professional scene is the match up. Since Milio is very squishy and immobile, he is going to have a pretty bad time into champions like Nautilus who can snatch him up thanks to their hook. 

Milio Needs The Right Match Up To Thrive

Milio is going to be very useful into specific champions and comps thanks to his ultimate. The AoE cleanse will be great into enemy comps that have lockup and crowd control. Of course, Milio himself will have to make sure he is not caught in the AoE otherwise he cannot use his ability. 

So if you're looking to teamfight and going up against champions like Amumu or Seraphine who can CC multiple targets, then teams might pick Milio. 

Milio & Caitlyn vs. Nami & Lucian

Milio and Caitlyn will likely have some of the best synergies in the game and could replace, or take on Nami and Lucian, the bot lane that has been a dominant force in pro play. If there is no decent duo, Nami and Lucian is very safe. 

Caitlyn and Milio, thanks to their synergy will likely have the same effect on the pro scene as Nami and Lucian when the match up works. 

Something we've all been wondering, right?

Will Milio Be Played In Pro Play?

So, while Milio is going to be very niche to specific situations, he could be used when the draft calls for it. This means that he won't be a constant pick or a must-pick champion, but he would be a great counterpick to specific situations and team comps thanks to his ultimate and his synergy with long ranged ADC champions. 

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