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Master Yi Changes on PBE 12.13

Debonair Master Yi
He is getting some more changes! | © Riot Games

We all remember how well it went for Riot the last time they tried to make any changes to Master Yi, right? Those nerfs, which eventually ended up being huge buffs were quickly reverted bringing the low elo jungler back to his old self. Now they're trying once more. 

LoL Patch 12.13 isn't just going to bring us a brand-new bot lane champion Nilah, nor Star Guardian skins, but much more. Master Yi, every bronze elo players nightmare will also be getting a slight rework... well... one ability will be getting reworked so let's check it out. 


Master Yi W - Meditate Update

Let's first check out the bigger of the two changes that are currently having an effect on Master Yi on the Public Beta Servers. What exactly has the balance team done to Master Yi? 

  • Meditate (W)
    • Mana cost changed from 50 to 40 + 6% max mana per second
    • Grants 60% tenacity for the first .5 seconds
    • Cooldown reduced from 28 seconds to 9

The cooldown reduction on the ability is pretty huge and could make a big difference in fights since Master Yi is going to have many more chances to heal up. Thankfully, it has a scaling mana cost during the ability to prevent players from going full-health amidst a fight, but with the lack of cooldown you could still use the ability two times during a fight just to heal up a little. 

More Master Yi Changes on PBE

The changes to his W aren't the only one players are talking about. Master Yi also received an increase to his attack range, which makes the champion feel much better and easier to manoeuvre. His attack range was increased from 125 to 175 on the PBE and it makes playing him in the jungle much better. 

Also in lane, it helps with last hitting minions and we all know that Master Yi loves to  build attack speed and attack a lot and fast, so a bit more range on his auto's is going to have a huge impact on the champion on all levels. 

Master Yi also seems to have reworked blink logic when he comes out of his Alpha Strike. Instead of appearing right upon your opponent, practically glued to them, you can influence where you appear with your mouseclick, which means you can control where you end up when you re-appear which is going to be a huge buff for high skilled players, but won't have an effect on plebs who enjoy the champion. 

So, will you be testing out Master Yi once Patch 12.13 drops in July? Or will you stick to Nilah in the bot lane to see just how insane the new melee bot laner is?