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New LoL Champion: Leaker Revealed Potential Freljordian Champ

Champions 17-04-2023 17:45
Freljord Raiders
Freljord Champion: It's time we head up north again. | © Riot Games

Recently, known League of Legends content creator BigBadBear had an interesting reveal about the upcoming League of Legends champions. We know of some of them, but there was one new champion on the list whom we have not heard of yet. 

So who is this new champion going to be and how reliable are these leaks of information? 

LoL Champion: A New Champion From The Freljord To Be Added

The following information is coming from leaks, so anything is subject to change and has not been confirmed by Riot Games themselves yet, so everything should be taken with a grain of salt, but it seems like after the next, known, champion releases a new champ from the Freljord will join Summoner's Rift. 

There hasn't been a new champion from the region in what feels like forever. Ornn was the last new champion. Yes, Udyr did get his VGU, but he was an old champion revamped and upgraded. 

According to the leaks this champion from the Freljord Will be female and she will be a huntress. The leakers also don't know what kind of weapon she uses to hunt. It seems like Riot could be creating a new weapon similar to what they did with K'Sante and his Ntofo's which were based off existing weapons. 

The champion is also going to either be a top laner or an ADCarry, but it has not been confirmed which role it will take yet. Since the next champion is a mid lane assassin, the Vampire champion a jungler and the Ink a Mage, this makes sense as well. 

Unfortunately, there has not been more information on the new champion yet, but it's still early on in the development process. So let's first get hyped for Naafiri and then we can start thinking about the Freljordian huntress. 

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