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He's too good

Olaf Rises In The Top Lane

Marauder Olaf
Olaf is one of the best top laners in the meta. | © Riot Games

Riot has recently released multiple mid-scope updates the balance team has been working on. They chose champions that have been troublesome to balance due to their popularity in pro play, but low solo queue play rate. 

We know that the Taliyah mid-scope update landed extremely well, and that she is one of the best champions right now, even sporting the highest mid lane win rate in Patch 12.9, but where did Olaf end up in all of this? Let's check out just how good Olaf is right now. 


Olaf Dominates the Top Lane in Patch 12.9

Olaf is known as a jungle champion, but the mid-scope update seems to have shifted his priority into the top lane. Sure, Olaf top has been a thing before, but who would have imagined that in Season 12 we get to witness the rise of top Olaf once more? But... we're not complaining. 

Let's check out and compare some of the stats. In League of Legends Patch 12.8, Olaf had a mere win rate of 41%. This has since increased to almost 54%. Not only that, but according to lolalytics, Olaf was ranked as the fourth-worst top laner in LoL Patch 12.8. Now? He's number one baby! 

Thanks to his upgraded ultimate, he's now one of the most threatening champions post level 6. He's able to pop his ult and it can last indefinitely is he's hitting his opponents. Combine it with his innate duelling capabilities and you've got one scary top lane champion, eh? 

More Mid-Scope Updates in Season 12

With both Taliyah and Swain also having very successful mid-scope updates, Riot is looking to update more champions accordingly. One of the champions mentioned before to be getting a mid-scope update is Rell, who might be a newer champion, has never really found her footing on Summoner's Rift. 

There are other champions like Ryze who could also receive mid-scope updates this season. Ryze seems to be a consistent bottom tier pick in the mid lane, even if he's often part of the pro meta. Sure, the mid lane mage has been reworked multiple times, but it seems his current state just doesn't work in solo queue. 

Which other champions would you like to see get some love from Riot? For now, we will have to be patient to see how the durability update shakes up the meta, while also receiving a new champion in the jungle — Bel'Veth.  So much exciting stuff planned for the next few patches, but what is going to be completely broken?