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Its finally coming!

LoL: Brand VFX Update Was Teased A While Ago And Is Finally Coming

Champions 12-01-2024 19:26
Arclight brand
Brand is getting a VFX update soon! | © Riot Games

Brand is one of the oldest champions in the game. He was released all the way back in 2011 and since then the game of League has changed... a lot. It was not a question if but when Riot would look at his animations and got them a bit more up to date.

LoL: Naafiri Gameplay Revealed New Brand VFX

Back when Milio was released, some footage was revealed that could have indicated that Brand's receiving some better visual effects, but the Naafiri gameplay footage has just cemented this home. In the footage of Naafiri's gameplay, fans have noticed much clearer animations for his Q, W and E, that look a lot more realistic as well. While we didn't see his ultimate, there is a high chance of it also getting updated with this VFX change.

Now in Patch 14.1 it is confirmed that Brand is indeed getting some love for his spells. Especially, his older skins are getting some much-needed clarity changes. 

The popular League of Legends YouTuber SkinSpotlights already made a video on all the changes. 

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Especially the Zombie Brand changes look excellent as the skin really fell behind his legendary rarity. 

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VFX is also a key part to League of Legends. It enhances the visual experience, making abilities and attacks more visually appealing and satisfying for players. 

It also helps communicate gameplay information, such as the area of effect or range of an ability. 

Additionally, VFX adds depth and immersion to the game world, contributing to the overall aesthetics and storytelling. It enhances the game's visual feedback, making gameplay more engaging and enjoyable for players.

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