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Healing will see some big changes

Riot to Change Healing Completely

Champions 30-06-2022 18:30
Nightbringer Soraka
Soraka will see some changes in the future. | © Riot Games

In a recent Quick Gameplay Thoughts, Riot PhRoXzOn addressed the current Grievous Wounds meta and stated that Riot is going to be changing up healing in League of Legends in the near future. So any enchanter mains, you might have some changes to look out for. 

Grievous Wounds and healing are a key part of League of Legends. There are whole champions just designed around these mechanics, and now Riot is going to make some big changes in the future. 

Riot Announced Healing Changes

In the most recent Quick Gameplay Thoughts, wherein PhRoXzOn explained that the team was pretty happy with how the most recent League of Legensd update landed, they also hinted that there could be some changes in store for healing and Grievous Wounds. 

The durability update has made every single champion more tanky and durable, that is for sure. This was done instead of choosing to nerf damage overall in the game. But champions can handle more damage now, thanks to the update, that healing isn't as important anymore. At least according to Riot. 

Classes and items aren’t completely balanced yet, some champions still need more adjustments, and the state of healing is still out of balance in a 40% Grievous Wounds world.

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Grievous Wounds Not Being A Necessity

According to PhRoXzOn, building Grievous Wounds should not be a necessity when it comes to playing League of Legends. At this point and time in the game, though, it certainly is. Champions have innate healing, they build healing and with enchanters being more popular than ever, there is quite a lot of healing in the game.

GW shouldn’t be something you need to buy every game, but instead should be a situational purchase in games versus 2 or more heavy healing champs. Moving forward, we’re planning to cautiously reduce the strength of healing to be more in line with the state of GW today.

That's why the Riot balance team will be looking to reduce the strength of healing. So, all of you Yuumi and Soraka mains out there, you must be crying, right? Your champion might be gutted in the near future because Riot doesn't want to force players to build Morellonomicon or Thornmail. 

Healing Changes Already Happening

In the most recent patch, we noticed some changes already happening. In Season 11, ahead of the 2021 League of Legends World Championship, Riot buffed Soraka in hopes of her being picked during the event. When ulting she would remove Grievous wounds from her allies. Well, that change was reverted in Season 12. 

So, if you enjoy your healing champions, then you'll know that more changes are heading your way as Riot is trying to balance out everything post durability update. Which champions are next? Sona, Yuumi, Senna? 

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