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Is she making a comeback?

Will Seraphine Release New Music?

Rising Star Seraphine
Will Seraphine make a comeback? | © Riot Games

Seraphine is one of the most hated champions in League of Legends, but it seems that Riot is not giving up on her. She's a strong bot laner, a great support and overall in-game she is in a great state, but now Riot might be making a huge musical comeback for her. 

Let's go over all the information we have on a potential Seraphine comeback, after the K/DA comeback rumors were quickly debunked. Someone has to perform at the 2022 League of Legends World Championship, right? Why not Seraphine? 


Chinese Leakers Reveal Potential Seraphine Comeback

As with most leaks this one comes from China. During a recent Riot Music China stream, the official Riot Games Music China posted a comment under the livestream which indicated that Seraphine could be making a comeback in 2022. 

The translated version of the comment states, "everyone lets's look forward to Seraphine's comeback and new song!" Was this just a big scam to get people excited or is this legitimate information regarding Piltover's biggest pop star? Hopefully it's the latter because it's been two-years since Seraphine released any music or posted anything on her Twitter channel. 

Just imagine a Seraphine and Sona collab to be taking place sometime soon, wouldn't that just be incredible? Both champions deserve a big musical act and them making music together could be interesting for fans. 

When Will Seraphine Comeback? 

None of this is confirmed, but we could see her make a comeback in October or November for the 2022 League of Legends World Championship finals. Throughout the last few years Riot has included their champions into the finals opening ceremony in some way, shape or form. 

Sure, last year they included Imagine Dragons and teased Arcane, but in 2020, 2019 and 2018 musical acts have played a huge role in the opening ceremony of the World Championship. This year Worlds will be held in North America and after 2-years in front of a live-audience again, which is perfect for a big celebration and therefore a Seraphine comeback would be perfect. 

None of this is confirmed yet though, so we will have to wait for any confirmation from Riot. Though a comeback or big music event at the 2022 World Championship would be quite welcome. Would you want to see Seraphine perform at Worlds or would you rather have the emo boy group show up?