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Amazon Hosts Gaming Week in Celebration of Eu Masters

Amazon Gaming Week - EU Masters
Ready to empty your wallets? | © Riot Games

With European Masters Group Stage coming to an end, their main partner, Amazon, is hosting its own gaming week in celebration. 

Amazon EU Masters is ready for the Knockout stage to begin, and to hype it all up, Amazon has created Amazon Gaming Week in collaboration with Razer. 

What is the Amazon Gaming Week?

The Amazon Gaming Week is all about, you guessed it, gaming

If you have been waiting for a good deal before buying some stuff for your gaming set-up, this week might be your time, as the Amazon Gaming Week includes some pretty good offers on various gaming equipment. Everything Razor and Amazon are offering this week can be found in the following links:

Save Money by Signing Up for Raffles and Giveaways

If you don’t want to spend all your money on gaming, you can also join the raffle hosted by Amazon this week. You can attend by filling out a form, and once you have entered, you will have a chance to win different prices such as NVMe SSds, monitors, headsets, and so much more from the Amazon gaming category.

Make sure to sign up pretty soon if you plan to attend the raffle, as the entries close on September 9. You can find the various raffle entries here: 

There will also be a big giveaway from August 24 to September 25, where you can win various in-game prizes for League of Legends. In order to sign up for the Gaming Week Giveaway, you have to enter your name, Email address and write which team you think will win Amazon EU Masters this summer. The different giveaways are listed below: 

When doe Eu Masters Knockout Stage Begin?

Eu Masters will not play this week as this is the final weekend of the LEC. Therefore, we are lucky enough that we don’t have to choose between the two finals. 

The Eu Masters knockout stage starts on Thursday, September 15, with the first match of the Quarterfinals. The whole knockout stage will be played in a single-elimination bracket in a best-of-five format. It is, therefore, essential that every team is in top shape, as they won’t get any more chances once they lose a series. The European Masters finals will be held on Sunday, September 25.

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