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Players, regions and teams that didn't live up to their expectations

The Biggest Disappointments of Summer 2022

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Summer Regular Season 2022 is over, and we looked at some of the different teams, players, and regions we expected to perform better this season. 

Summer Regular Season 2022 is coming to an end in every region, which means it is time to look at some things we thought would be better at the beginning of the split that turned out to be disappointing. We chose one thing from each major region that we thought would be better, but we also have some worthy mentions, which are the XL's Korea Buff and LPL's team Rare Atom.

LPL's Disappointment - LNG

LNG Tarzan
LNG Tarzan | © LPL  

LNG Esports haven’t really been performing as well as people thought they would. In Spring Regular Season 2022, the team finished fourth place, and now, at the end of Summer 2022, we find the team only in seventh place

LNG is a team filled with talents like Tarzan and DoinB. Tarzan is formerly known as "the king of the jungle" because of his knowledge and understanding of how to play the jungle role. Last split, he was also a valid contender for MVP of the split, but this split, he hasn't been able to regain his past form. 

DoinB is a former Worlds Champion from 2019 and has gotten LPL MVP three times (Spring 2017, Spring 2019, Summer 2021). One would think that with LNG's current team composition, they would place higher than seventh place in the regular season.

LCK's Disappointment - T1 Gumayusi

Gumayusi at MSI | © Riot Games

The T1 ADC Gumayusi really showed what he could do last spring. He became the player with the most kills in one split having 219 kills in the LCK Spring Split 2022However, after spring split was done and going into the MSI, Gumayusi seemed to have had some issues. During MSI, Gumayusi was the ADC with the least amount of damage dealt from all the ADCs that played more than ten games. Looking at the stats provided by, we can see his damage per minute was significantly lowered in the MSI 2022 compared to spring. 

LCK Spring 2022MSI 2022LCK Summer 2022
CS per Minute10.19.19
Damage per Minute571.2466.2515.3
Kill Participation 67.4%61.2%67.4%

Now, even though the MSI is over, the ADC hasn't been able to return to his past form and was nowhere to be seen on the current all-LCK team ranking. Moving into the LCK Summer 2022 Playoffs, it will be exciting to see if Gumayusi can prove his place on one of the best teams in his region. 

LEC's Disappointment - Vitality

Team Vitality
Cutting out Selfmade didn't seem to help their cause | © Riot Games

I think no one is surprised to see this team on the list. Ever since Vitality brought together a bunch of big names to create their "superteam," they haven't been able to live up to the fans' expectations. Even in this year's spring split, they were part of our ranking for the three disappointing teams in the LEC. Lately, however, many thought that Vitality had finally become the team they were supposed to be. Their mid laner Perkz even showed what he is capable of and was our LEC MVP for Week 6

After week 6, many thought Vitality was as good as locked for playoffs, but of course, they managed to prove the fans otherwise by going 0-3 in the Superweek. As a result, they finally had a tiebreaker game against XL for the final spot in playoffs, which they managed to lose and was thereby the last team eliminated from playoffs contention.

According to Excel's coach, it seemed like team Vitality was very confident they would make playoffs. During a practice game, they didn't even seem to be trying as hard as they should and made a comment to Excel that they should focus on making playoffs themselves.

LCS' Disappointment - LCS

LCS Studio
Even with big investments towards production, the region seems to struggle | © Riot Games

Yes, I know... The LCS banter is getting kind of old, but this year, the organization seems to struggle more than usual. The LCS isn't known for producing the greatest players out there, but they usually put a lot of thoughts into their production. Lately, however, the LCS has been losing viewers to other regions. Even the former LCS player, Doublelift, uttered his concern towards the region on his stream, saying that the region is dying. 

It seems as if the viewers are tired of watching players who haven't been able to compete internationally and are instead watching other regions. The LCS also got under some fire when they banned one of their biggest stars, Bjergsen, from attending a League of Legends event with MrBeast and Ninja. 

The LCS broadcast has been trying to regain some viewers by introducing live comms to the broadcast and co-streaming, but it doesn't seem to work as well as they want it to. 

Can you think of something that has been disappointing in Esports this summer? 

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