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MAD Lions are pleased with how its going for them so far

Armut Renews Contract with MAD Lions

MAD Armut
Mad Lions fans reacting to the good news | © Riot Games

After being the first team in the LEC to secure a spot in the LEC Summer Split playoffs 2022, MAD Lions decides to sign their top laner İrfan Berk "Armut" Tükek for two more years. 

The MAD Lions are currently the best team in Europe. MAD finished last week 2-0 and is now the only team that is secured a spot for the Summer Split playoffs 2022. It is, therefore, not surprising that the team has decided to keep their top laner Armut for two more years. The news of his renewal was announced on MAD Lions' Twitter on August 5th with a video showing some of the best Armut moments with MAD. 

Armut's Performance in the LEC

Armut currently has the best KDA of all the top laners in the LEC. He has picked up champions like Gangplank, Orn, and Gnar. His favorite pick this split, however, has been Gwen. At this point, Armut has had six games with her and only lost one, giving him a win rate of 80% on the champion. He also has a 100% win rate on Orn, but he has only played the champion twice this split.

It isn't only MAD that is impressed by Armut's performance. On the LEC Euphoria podcast, Vitality's top laner Alphari said Armut had an excellent split so far and that his laning phase has impressed him greatly. Here are some of Armut's stats for Summer split 2022: 

  • CS Differential at 15 min: +6.8
  • Gold Differential at 15 min: +666
  • XP Differential at 15 min: +297

Looking at how well the MAD Lions are currently doing as a team, it wouldn't be surprising if they decide to keep their whole roster as it is for next year. We do, however, know that teams have a tendency to perform differently in the group stage compared to playoffs which is why waiting on renewing team players' contracts can be a good strategy. At this point, only Kaiser and Elyoya have contracts ending in 2023, whereas Unforgiven, Nisqy, and now, Armut's contracts expire at the end of 2024

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