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Report Reveals TSM's Potential Sale of LCS Spot

Esports 03-04-2023 19:20
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One of the most prominent organizations in the North American League of Legends scene is looking to sell its spot. So what team will take their place? 

Team SoloMid (TSM) has been a part of the LCS since the beginning. The team holds the most titles in the North American LoL Championship and has been a platform for several big players to grow. 

Lately, the organization we used to know and love has been under fire in several controversies, and some of the biggest names in the scene have called them out. The team has also struggled financially after their former main sponsor FTX went bankrupt. This bankruptcy might have affected TSM more than we thought, as it now looks like they might sell their LCS spot after ten years in the scene.

TSM Rumored to Sell Their LCS Slot

On March 31, 2023, Sports Business Journal reported on TSM potentially wanting to pause several of their esports team, including their team in the LCS. According to the article, TSM wants to break their competitive teams in Valorant, Fortnite, Apex Legends, and League of Legends.

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The core reason for TSM wanting to sell their spot is reportedly the bankruptcy of FTX, who were the former naming sponsors of TSM. FTX became TSM's main sponsor after TSM sold their naming rights to FTX, closing a massive $210 million deal.

Not only the TSM fans have reasons to be disappointed at the moment... 

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TSM CEO Responds to Rumors About Potential LCS Departure

Once the news about TSM potentially selling their spot came online, it gained lots of attention and caused several discussions online. TSM founder and owner Reginald Dinh went on Twitter to comment on the situation: 

TSM is committed to esports. We’re planning to enter CS:GO sometime later this year which is a larger investment than all of the games we’ve left combined. TSM is always evaluating what esports ecosystems are best to invest in and will continue to enter & exit games

Reginald's statement did not help resolve any of the questions the fans might have about TSM selling their LCS spot since it neither confirmed nor denied the rumors. However, Reginald is not a stranger to drama himself and has caused quite a scene in the LCS. One of the more recent controversies with Reginald was when Doublelift accused the CEO of workplace bullying when he was a part of the TSM roster. 

What Will Happen to TSM?

Many TSM fans know the organization through their time in the North American League of Legends scene, so what will happen if TSM decides to sell their spot? It is still not confirmed whether the team will actually go through with the plans of selling their place in the LCS, but it could be quite a blow for the organization. 

Even though Reginald states TSM will "continue to enter & exit games," it is hard to imagine the organization without their League of Legends team. There have been rumors about TSM potentially transferring to a smaller region like the CBLOL or merging with another Esport franchise, similar to what KOI did with Rogue. However, it is not confirmed and is only speculation for now.

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