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The tea is getting hot

The Problem With Champions Queue

Faker Worlds
Everyone wants a piece of him. | © Riot Games

If you're a fan of LoL Esports, you've probably heard of Champion Queue before. If you, for some reason that I really don't know, aren't aware: Champions Queue is "a competitive matchmaking experience open for top NA players" that launched February 2022. Why did they do that? Because SoloQ in NA ain't really in a good state.

Sounds pretty cool right? Well, yeah, in theory it is. The reality, however, is a lot different. Champions Queue is actually dead 90% of the time. Many people gave up on playing it, griefing or trolling being too much. What Riot thought would be an amazing experience for the highest-rated players turned into something that nobody used in the end... except for during Worlds 2022.

For Worlds 2022, some of the top teams' players joined Champions Queue and gave the mode a bit of fresh air. That brought it into the limelight again. Many streamers – very good and talented streamers – wanted to give Champions Queue an even bigger push... yet most got rejected.

Nemesis Exposes Champions Queue

It all started yesterday when Nemesis, former mid laner for Fnatic and current streamer for Gen.G Esports, uploaded a video titled "Champions Queue is a Failure". The tea is HOT. Here is the video if you want to watch it:

What happened? Nemesis apparently had enough. He was supposed to go to the US to play Champions Queue, but then Riot ended up not giving him permission to join. He said that he didn't really understand, but assumed it was because of the same reason that Caedrel got rejected. This is what Riot said to him:

Our current requirement is that the players traveling to the States need to be on an active roster from a World's qualifying league 

Nemesis then makes a good point. He says that not letting someone like Caedrel or Nemesis into Champions Queue is a "missed opportunity" as they could easily promote Champions Queue given their huge audience. 

Additionally, a "rule" that Champions Queue has, is that one-tricks aren't allowed. Nemesis then shows a Rengar one-trick (over 700 games played on Rengar, vs. only 70 games played on next champ, which is Viego) who was able to join Champions Queue. Make it make sense, Riot. 

Now, people get to play Champions Queue with the likes of Faker and stuff like this happens. 

It's only a matter of time before LPL and LCK players decide to no longer play Champions Queue and rather play among themselves.