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Dignitas replaces Supporter Diamond ahead of tomorrows match against TSM

LCS Playoff Race: Dignitas Replaces Support Diamond Ahead of Crucial Match

Esports 11-07-2023 12:48
Clg poome
A fresh opportunity for Poome: He will sub in for Diamond as DIG's starting support. | © Riot Games

The next match day of the North American LCS is almost there! Now, there are rumors about a possible player swap at Team Dignitas. According to sources, starting support David "Diamond" Bérubé is benched. 

Dignitas: Diamond Out, Poome In

We might see a new supporter for Dignitas in the upcoming match against TSM tomorrow. According to the ESports Journalist LCS Eevee, Dignitas will replace their current starting support player David "Diamond" Bérubé with Philippe "Poome" Lavoi-Giguere.

Dignitas is currently sharing the 5th place of the LCS ranking with TSM, so the upcoming match is a very important one. Diamond has been part of the franchise since May 2023 and will still be a part of the organization, since he has a contract until November 2024.

Poome joined Dignitas very recently, after he parted ways with NRG, where he only stayed for roughly 3 months. Poome is best known for his time in CLG (November 2021 to April 2023) and 100Thieves, where he switched between the main- and academy team. At Dignitas Poome gets a contract until November 2023.

Community Reactions To Dignitas Player Swap

MSI 2023 crowd
The community's reactions were rather positive. |©Riot Games

The community reactions towards this player change were largely positive. Some are seeing it as a sign that Dignitas aims for a playoff spot or even for a spot at Worlds 2023. 

For example, the user "withinallreason" wrote:

 Huge if true tbh. Poome isn't phenomenal but he's just a better player than Diamond in like every category. Not sure if it'll bump DIG up above TL on my list for #4 NA but I wouldn't be shocked if it's those two battling for the chance at worlds.

Or the user "Kuliyayoi", who said: 

Glad to see them taking action. Diamond is in contention for worst player in the lcs. Now that Haeri is gone it's between him and Closer.

Some critics regarding the move were made by the user "Offbeatalchemy": 

A slight upgrade on paper i say, still a bottom 3 botlane combined and still a bottom 3 jungler with Santorins current level of play. More competitive but not big enough a change to make it to worlds.

It will be interesting to see how Dignitas' playstyle might change with the addition of Poome to the line-up. They're still in a good spot and could make a big step towards the Playoffs with a victory against TSM on July 12, 2023. Maybe we will even see Poome at Worlds this year?

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